Dear Visitor
I am delighted to have this opportunity to welcome you to the new St Paul’s website which I hope offers you a brief glimpse of what life is like in St Paul’s.
St Paul’s is a very special school that can offer an attractive and dependable education to every child in a family no matter what their educational achievement up to now.  Boys and girls can attend the same school and learn to grow and respect each other during their teenage years in preparation for a successful adult life.  St Paul’s values the entire child and seeks to look after not just their educational attainment but also their physical, moral and spiritual well being.  For the academically gifted we offer a huge range of post-16 courses and an excellent gateway to third level education in universities both within the island of Ireland and also abroad.  St Paul’s graduates today span the entire globe in a wide range of exciting and rewarding careers.  For those whose interests and talents are concentrated elsewhere our wide range of courses offer endless possibilities for other careers, trades and professions.

Dear Visitor

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our school website.Mr Jarlath Burns, Principal

St Paul’s is proud of our position at the very heart of the community of south Armagh, offering the broadest education possible to the children of an area which values our school and what we do for your children. We are lucky that we are served by outstanding primary schools who enjoy an excellent relationship with St Paul’s and who work closely with us to ensure that the move from primary to St Paul’s is as enjoyable as possible.

St Paul’s is a Catholic school and we place great emphasis on our Christian values of truth, integrity, compassion and kindness. All the decisions we make have the best wishes of the pupils of the school at heart. We offer them a strong voice in the running of the school and our educational experiences are broad and diverse, ensuring that each child receives the curriculum which is suited to their own needs.

In St Paul’s we are committed to the education of the whole child. We will endeavour to inspire our pupils as they move through their complex formative years to ensure they receive the attitudes and values which will turn them into fulfilled members of the workforce, their community and society in general.

In St Paul’s we endeavour to provide a pathway which lasts for seven years because increasingly, our pupils want to remain with us through to the end of their formal schooling and we want to keep them. While we enjoy getting the best out of our high fliers, we also get great satisfaction out of working with our high triers and we are renowned for getting each pupil to work to the very best of their ability.

I really hope you enjoy visiting the different pages of our website, and you enjoy interacting with our rich media content.  This website offers only a snapshot into a school that has many dimensions, offers so much during and after school to our pupils and is a dynamic learning community.  For prospective pupils interested in coming to St Paul’s, please visit our complementary induction website at St Paul’s 728.

Tá Ardscoil Naomh Pol i gcroílár an phobail. Déanfaimid ár ndicheall í a choinneáil ann.

Jarlath Burns