‘Bug Hotel’ is officially open at St Paul’s

Pictured above is Principal of St Malachy’s Primary School, Mr Bernard Kennedy, officially cutting the ribbon to declare the ‘Bug Hotel’ open.  Principal of St Malachy’s Primary School, Ballymoyer, was recently welcomed to St Paul’s by students from class 10/47. The students have been studying ecology in their science classes with their teacher Miss McNamee. As […]

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All bugs are welcome at St Paul’s

Wednesday was a very different day for the students of 10/47 and 8/48, as they went about constructing a new feature in the grounds of their school. These students have been studying ecology in their science classes with their teachers Mrs O’Hare and Miss McNamee.  As part of this aspect of their Science course, the […]

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Ecology trip to Ballymoyer

Students in class 10/47 took a short trip to Ballymoyer to investigate the simple changes a school can make their local environment to enhance biodiversity – creating a friendly place for all manner of creatures. Principal, Mr Kennedy welcomed the St Paul’s students and staff to their lovely country school, with some welcome refreshments in the school dinner hall. The […]

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Tree-rrific stuff around St Paul’s

The year 13 Eco-Group with students from 09/80 & 10/47 planting native trees As part of Science Week, our Eco-group has been looking at ways to increase the biodiversity around the school environment. The first phase of their initiative took place today with a group of students from years 9 and 10.  The students set […]

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