Business Studies

Departmental Staff

  • Head of Department: Mrs A.O’Hare
  • Ms C.Maguire
  • Mr G.McKinley
  • Ms J.Leonard
  • Mrs T.Murney

The Business Studies Department strives to provide our students with exciting opportunities and experiences. Within our department we are a very close, hard-working team who work closely with our students to ensure that they achieve their best possible outcomes.

We promote in our students an entrepreneurial spirit and provide them with many opportunities to showcase this throughout their learning. We encourage the students to practice their business knowledge both inside and outside the classroom. Our students run whole school businesses throughout the year and this equips them with skills for life. We also offer our students industrial visits, guest speakers and trips abroad.

We offer students in Key Stage 4 and 5 a variety of subjects which provides them with the opportunity to develop their personal skills and abilities which included team-working, communication and ICT.

Key Stage 4 (Years 11 & 12)

CCEA Business Studies

This course provides students with an in-depth examination of Business concepts and theory. It is an excellent foundation for anyone wishing to pursue a career in a Business-related field.

CCEA Business and Communication

This course combines business and digital technology and provides a strong foundation for anyone wishing to pursue a career in either of these fields.

Key Stage 5 (Years 13 & 14)

Professional Business Services

Professional Business Services includes six assessment units, three at AS level and three at A2 level.

AS Units: students are introduced to the business environment that professional business services firms operate in and the consultancy process and decision making techniques used. They will gain an insight into some of services that professional business services firms provide for their clients, including human resource services and financial decision making.

A2 Units: students explore the range of technology and IT systems available for businesses. They examine leadership styles and theories in depth and investigate some of the challenges of management. They go on to explore the components of project management methodology and apply these to their own specific project.

Assessment is through a combination of written examinations and internal assessment.

OCR Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Introductory Diploma

Cambridge Technicals offers students the opportunity to explore the world of business. Students study six units over the two years, two of which are mandatory. Created in collaboration with leading businesses, the qualifications explore all aspects of the business world including practical activities – ideal for a wide range of learning styles. They are exam-free and therefore suit all learning styles. They include hands-on practical experience based upon real life scenarios. They cover all core business functions – planning, HR, production, marketing.

Level 3 includes creating a career development plan and interview skills.

Unit 1 – The Business Environment (M)
Unit 2 –Business Resources (M)
Unit 3 – Introduction to Marketing
Unit 4 – Business Accounting
Unit 5 – Human Resource Management
Unit 12 – Recruitment and Selection