Learning for Life & Work

Departmental Staff

  • Head of Department: Ms C.Maguire
  • Mrs A.O’Hare
  • Mr G.McKinley
  • Ms J.Leonard
  • G.O’Neil
  • Mrs B.Cunningham
  • Mrs C.Hughes
  • Mrs c.Hughes
  • Ms R.Mohan
  • Mr Martin Canavan
  • Mr S. Kearney
  • Mrs j.Simpson
  • Mr B shannon
  • Mr N. McSherry


Subject Information

We have divided this course into three areas of study:

    • Local and Global Citizenship
    • Personal Development
    • Employability.

The content of each area is outlined in more detail below:

Local and Global Citizenship

      • Diversity and inclusion in Northern Ireland and the wider world
      • Rights and social responsibilities, in relation to local, national and global issues
      • The role of society and government in safeguarding rights
      • Non-governmental organisations
      • Key democratic institutions and their role in promoting inclusion, justice and democracy
      • Understanding how to participate in a range of democratic processes

Personal Development

      • Understanding how to maximise and sustain health and well-being
      • Concept of self, managing emotions and reactions
      • Recognising, assessing and managing risk
      • Understanding relationships and sexuality, and the responsibilities of healthy


  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of parenting
  • Developing further competence as discerning consumers in preparation for
    independent living



      • The impact of globalisation on employment
      • Recruitment and selection procedures, taking into account the rights and
        responsibilities of employees and employers
      • Self-employment and relevant sources of support
      • Maintaining an effective working environment
      • Investigating the increasing social responsibility of business in the community.


Key Stage 4 GCSE

CCEA GCSE Learning for Life & Work

Specification at a Glance
Unit 1: Local and Global Citizenship External written examination 20%
Unit 2: Personal Development External written examination 20%
Unit 3: Employability External written examination 20%
Unit 4: Controlled Assessment Task (Investigation) 40%