BBC School Report is back!

All students interested in taking part this year please report to Mrs Morgan in the Library at 10.30am on Wednesday 6th December for a short meeting.

Guess the fictional character on Open Day in the Library 

2nd December 2017

The winner of the Library Open Day competition is Leah Byrne from Killeen PS.

Year 9 Public Speaking event – a great success 

26th November 2017

Skye McClenaghan was the winner of the Year 9 Public Speaking Competition run by the English Department under Mrs Grainne Campbell, Head of English. Skye gave a very moving, informative speech about Dementia and how it is affecting families all over Northern Ireland. Runner-up was Oran Harris who gave a very passionate speech about Climate Change. Other topics included Gender Stereotyping, No Testing at age 11, the USPCA, Macmillan Cancer Care, Animal Cruelty, The Dog’s Trust (Oisin McDonald in third place), Bullying, Clic Sargent and The Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust. A wide variety of topics that are important to St Paul’s pupils. 

Mrs Campbell and Skye




Halloween Poetry Competition 

26th October 2017

Congratulations to all our Year 8 pupils!


Year 8 Highly Commended

                                           1st Prize Winners Grainne McCann and Oisin McElroy

Oompa Loompas and Willy Wonka from the fabulous English Dept

101 Dalmatians…..and Cruella De Ville…our lovely Maths Department…

Mrs Downey and Mr Count Dracula McMahon from English Department..


Spooky Maths Week in the library

16th October 2017

Class 10/73 participated in the Pumpkin Maths Challenge in the library today to celebrate 

Maths Week. Thank you for a great display!



ShadowSkull the library ghost!

10th October 2017

Pupils from 08/100 named the library ghost after a democratic vote! So here is our ghost!



Spooktacular School Library

9th October 2017

We are getting ready for our annual Halloween Poetry Competition for Year 8 pupils.

Closing date for entries is 4pm on Friday 20th October.


Harry Collins decorates the library for Halloween.



Staff invent a silly word in the style of Roald Dahl

18th September 2017


Roald Dahl Day. And the Winners are….

The Wall of Wonder….New Sweet Designs






Roald Dahl’s Birthday Competition for Year 8 pupils

13th September 2017

Calling all Year 8 students .

So go along to the library and get an entry form and return to librarian before Tuesday 12th September. 

Calling all Year 8 students . 

An example of a new sweet

All staff are asked to invent a new word in the style of Roald Dahl. Here are a few from last year….and the winner in yellow.



When Mrs Morgan, Librarian met Harry Potter, Wizard

14th April 2017


And Andrew Scott as Hamlet at the Almeida in London. Moriarity is my favourite character in the Sherlock Holmes books. 


Grainne McCoy, star of The Apprentice returns to St Paul’s for BBC School Report

                                                                     14th March 2017

Grainne McCoy returns to St Paul’s for BBC School Report

Thursday 2nd March was a red letter day for St Paul’s as we welcomed back past pupil, Grainne McCoy, as the focus of our BBC School Report. Grainne is a professional make-up artist and star of the recent BBC series of The Apprentice.

Our school reporters, Agne, Cameron, Lauren, Ciara, Katie and Eoin were put through their paces by Barra Best and his team from BBC Northern Ireland. Mrs Michelle Morgan organises the BBC School Report Programme in St Paul’s and Mrs Mary McKenna was an invaluable part of the day, preparing the reporters for their big moment in front of the camera

Agne was the Lead Presenter on this special BBC School Report and was excellent in her delivery of all the links.

The boardroom was chosen for the opening segment where Grainne took the part of Lord Sugar and Mrs Ann O’Hare and Mrs Mary McMahon were her two trusty colleagues. She gave the four candidates a grilling as they presented their business plans.

Cameron interviewed Mrs Ann O’Hare, Head of Business Studies, and she spoke about the wonderful opportunities her GSCE and A’ Level students have to travel to other countries to experience the global marketplace. They have recently been to Budapest, Brussels and New York.

Rebecca and Matthew, A Level Business Studies students were interviewed by Eoin and they told us about the businesses they manage in St Paul’s such as Jubilase, A* Supplies, the School Bank and The Daily Grind.

Grainne’s son Ryan, a Year 11 GCSE Business Studies student was interviewed by Katie and he told us what it was like for him to see his mum on the BBC Series, The Apprentice.

We had a few more interviews lined up but as is always the way in broadcasting, our time ran out and although Ciara didn’t get her big chance to be on camera this time, she can look forward to our live recording and ask a question to the celebrity panel.

The BBC team were delighted that the students were well prepared and got the majority of the shots in one go! The confidence and warmth of our students was once again commented on and they should be very proud of the programme they produced on the day.

The BBC news item ended with Agne at the front of the school leaving us with the question  – Could  any of the students we met today become Lord Sugar’s next apprentice… this space!!

You’re HIRED!

The St Paul’s BBC News Report will be part of BBC News School Report Programme which will be aired on Thursday 16th March at a live recording in BBC Blackstaff Studios, Belfast.


Science Week in the Library

13 March 2017



Winners of the Golden Jubilee Book Cover Competition for World Book Day

                                                                      Thursday  2nd March 2017




Library Art Competition for World Book Day

Design a Book Cover for our 50th Golden Jubilee Year

Are you creative and artistic? Do you love drawing? Have you got a great idea for a Book Cover that we could use for our 50th celebrations this year? You can include any aspect, event or staff member over the last 50 years!

Pupils from Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 can enter the Design a Book Cover Competition and entry forms are available from the library. Closing date is Friday 24th February at 4pm.

Be creative, be colourful and be a WINNER!   The book covers will be displayed at the Jubilee Mass on 28th February.  Mrs Siobhan O’Hare, Head of Art, will be judging the competition.

                             Prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each year group



The Reading Reward Scheme gets underway in the School Library

                                                                  1st February 2017

Here are the proud pupils of 10/73 who received their Bronze Reading Awards during Library Class. Each pupil wrote a book review and told us what they liked most about the book they had read. Mrs Marion McMahon, Form Teacher is leading the way with this great initiative and is confident that all pupils will complete their bronze, silver, gold and superstar reading awards. Watch this space!

08/36 collect their Bronze Reading Awards. Congratulations to you all


10/73 Go back to the Sixties!

18th January 2017

Mrs Marion McMahon, Form Teacher of 10/73 is the inspiration behind this wonderful project detailing the 50 years of St Paul’s. Pupils presented the first part of their work to me in the Library.

Each group worked on a different aspect of the 1960s such as fashion, movies and cars and  I was so  impressed with the great effort made by the whole class.  


               50th Golden Jubilee Archive Display      

Throughout December 2016



Meet Some of Our Past Pupils on the 

Wall of Fame in Reception

                                                                15th   December  2016


  Winner of the Library Open Day Quiz from 

St Malachy’s in Camlough

14th December 2016


Christmas Jumper Day in the Library with 10/73

                                                                                14th December 2016

Open Day in the Library

                                                                                3rd December 2016

                    Find all the book characters! Wimpy Kid, Tracey Beaker and Wally!

What’s Wally Reading?

Mrs Hughes, William Shakespeare, Mrs Mc Kenna and Mrs Campbell getting ready for Open Day

Wonderful Christmas Tree Book Display in the English Department.

Mrs Mary McKenna, Literacy Support

Mrs Veronica Doherty, past staff member, with P6 students

Miss Karina Traynor and Mrs Catherine Rafferty spot themselves in the staff pantomines


 Scholastic Book Fair

14th- 18th November 2016



Halloween Poetry Competition Winners and Year 8 Costume Day

                                                                        28th October 2016









  img_2169 img_2175 img_2176


Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday Celebrations

Tuesday 13th September

Pupils and staff celebrated Roald’s 100th birthday by making up words and

putting our dreams into a jar.

Winners from Year 8 Dream in a Jar Competition

                Winners from Year 8 Dream in a Jar Competition –                                      Congratulations girls!

Year 9 Winner

Year 9 Winner

Great cartoon dream

  Year 8 1st Runner-Up

Runner up in Dream in a Jar Competition

Year 8 Runner up in Dream in a Jar Competition

Miss Doran, Maths, Winner of the Staff "Make up a new word" Competition...

Miss Doran, Maths, Winner of the Staff “Make up a new word” Competition… fizzpoppinglyfrazzledydystic – which means the feeling you get when pupils don’t listen in class!

Year 8 Runner Up

Winning Entries

                               Winning Entries on display in the library

Apply NOW to become a BBC School Reporterimage

BBC School Reporters visit

BBC Broadcasting House in Belfast

Monday 6th June 2016

Off to BBC for a behind the scenes tour

Off to BBC for a behind the scenes tour


Listening to Colin explaining the green screen

Listening to Colin explaining the green screen


Eoin the camerman

Eoin the camerman


Joshua reading the news

Joshua reading the news


Lauren at the news desk

Lauren at the news desk


In the gallery seeing how the director and vision mixer work on programmes

In the gallery seeing how the director and vision mixer work on programmes


Meeting Hugo Duncan just before he goes on air at 1.30pm on BBC Radio Ulster

Meeting Hugo Duncan just before he goes on air at 1.30pm on BBC Radio Ulster


School Reporters receive their BBC School Report Certificates for taking part 2015/2016

School Reporters receive their BBC School Report Certificates for taking part 2015/2016


                   Shakespeare’s 400th Anniversary

                          Library Art Competition

23rd April 2016

imageApril 2016

Thanks to all the entrants who made this year’s Art Competition the best yet. The winners were chosen by Mrs Siobhan O’Hare, Head of Art who was very impressed by the excellent standard achieved by many of the junior pupils.

1st Place Lauryn McKeown

1st Place Lauryn McKeown Year 8

1st Place Alex Hughes

      1st Place Alex Hughes Year 9

2nd Place Marsha Kinney Year 8

2nd Place Marsha Kinney Year 8

All the Winners

 All the Year 8 Winners

9/LS2 Winners

                                            9/LS2 Winners




















Congratulations to all!


Meeting the Children’s Laureates at Queen’s

                                                                 25th April 2016

Chris Riddell, UK Children’s Laureate and Eoin Colfer, Irish Children’s Laureate in conversation as part of a Book Trust Event on Monday 25th April in the Canada Room at Queen’s University, Belfast. Pictured below Michelle Morgan, Librarian at St Paul’s, Jacqueline Ward, Librarian at Newbridge Integrated College and Mary McKenna, Literacy Support, St Pauls



Chris Riddell and Eoin Colfer signing their latest books

Chris Riddell and Eoin Colfer signing their latest books

Eoin Colfer signing books for St Paul's

Eoin Colfer signing books for St Paul’s




Guinness World Record for Quizzing

Official Certificate for St Paul’s as they participated in the world record  attempt

               11,282 pupils took part on the 22nd February, four and a half times more pupils than the previous record.



Celebrate the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s Death

                                                           Library Art Competition

                             Calling all Year 8 and Year 9 Pupils

                                                                       23rd April 2016

                               Draw a Shakespearean Character.



  Hughes Murphy Senior Challenge Quiz

                            Year 14 pip Year 13 to the winning post!

                                                                     22nd March 2016



Year 13 Team who led most of the way!

Year 13 Team who led most of the way!

Year 14 Team who won by 2 points. Final Score 76 to 74

Year 14 Team who won by 2 points. Final Score 76 to 74

Mr Gerard McMahon, Quiz Organiser and Mrs Mary McKenna, Score Keeper

Mr Gerard McMahon, Quiz Organiser and Mrs Mary McKenna, Score Keeper


In memory of Peter Hughes and Micheal Murphy.

In memory of Peter Hughes and Micheal Murphy.

BBC News Day Success!

                                                                Thursday 10th March

Our BBC School Reporters covered the launch of the 2nd Annual 24hr Spinathon.

They all worked extremely hard to produce their News Report and should be very proud of all their efforts.

Chloe and Estelle BBC School Reporters on News Day

Chloe and Estelle BBC School Reporters on News Day

Launch of the 24 hour Spinathon for BBC School Report

Launch of the 24 hour Spinathon for BBC School Report

Our News Team

Our News Team

Check out our report on



                               World Book Day

3rd March 2016

Pupils donated a book to the library stock for World Book Day. A big thank you to everyone who

left a book in the library. Don’t forget to use your £1.00 book token in Easons, Waterstones or Smyths.






Guinness World Record Attempt for Simultaneous Quizzing

                                                                             22nd February 2016

On Monday 22nd February at 2pm in the Assembly Hall, forty four KS3 pupils took part in the Guinness World Record Attempt for Simultaneous Quizzing. The event was organised by Mrs Morgan, Librarian and was successfully completed following all the guidelines and procedures. Miss Niamh O’Rourke and Mrs Kellie McShane from the English Department organised the teams. Mr Gerard McMahon was Quizmaster and Mrs Mary McKenna was Scoremaster.

Mr Joe Brannigan dealt with all the technical  requirements and BBC School Reporters Estelle and Chloe reported on the event. Cameron was in charge of the video camera and editing. Witnesses and a steward were also present to make sure the event followed the Guinness guidelines. The quiz was based on Teenage Fiction and there were 6 rounds of 9 questions.

The eventual winners were from 09/06 “Girl Power” and the team members were Tara, Caoimhe, Eimear and Sarah. In second place was “Dauntless” from 09/96 Jessica, Clare, Fergal and Matthew. Joint third winners were “The Tindian Wizards” Leah, Siofra, Dylan and Caolan and “The Quizmasters of Mordor” Grace, Jack, Aisling and Caoimhe. Well done to all 11 teams.


Winners. "Girl Power"

Winners. “Girl Power”



BBC Team visit St Paul’s to give our School Reporters a masterclass in news reporting!

                                                                26th January 2016

On Tuesday 26th January BBC staff Julia Paul, Nuala Napier and Amy McGarrigle arrived in St Paul’s to spend the day with our School Reporters. They made a short news piece about the upcoming Jersey Day in memory of our past pupil and Head Boy, Peter Hughes. All money raised will be donated to the Head Injury Support charity which was set up in Newry to support those recovering and those caring for people with head injuries in the local area. The pupils involved had a great day and picked up some useful skills as they look forward to the BBC School Report News Day on 10th March.











09/36 show off their Art skills during library class.


Guinness World Record Attempt

World Book Day Quiz

Monday 22nd February 2016

St Paul’s pupils will be taking part in a Guinness World Record Attempt for the largest number of quizzes being held simultaneously across the UK. More details to follow!

 WBD Quiz


I’m a Library Book…get me out of here!

                                                     18th January 2016

During the month of January I have put a sticker on over 150 books with the message “I’m a Library Book…..get me out of here!. All pupils will be encouraged to take out one of these books in order to broaden their range of interest. The stickers are on both Fiction and Non-Fiction titles and they are from all genres and Dewey subjects. You will receive a free book mark if you take out one of these books!

Im a book get me out of here


Christmas Jumper Day

Friday 11th December 2015

The staff and students in St Paul’s all wore their Christmas Jumpers to raise funds for our International Projects. The Annual Santa Run took place on the same day so the Camlough Road was awash with red and white! The library got involved and everyone agreed it was quite a spectacle. Pictured below are some of the jumpers on display.



Open Day in The Library

What’s Wally Reading?

Saturday 5th December 2015

St Paul’s was once again taken over by a band of Where’s Wally characters for Open Day. The P7 pupils had to write down the names of the books each Wally was reading and leave their entries in the library. Thank you to all who took part and made the event so colourful and successful. The winner of the competition was Liwia Szczeszek from St Joseph’s Primary School in Bessbrook. A prize is on its way!image1image4image3image5


It’s  Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas …


Thanks to Mrs McClinton, English Dept and Sean from 10/97 who decorated the tree in the library this year!  The lights worked first time, which is a small miracle in itself!

Library plays host to Interview Skills Day

                                                                      Friday 4th December 2015





09/06 Book Review Project with

Miss Niamh O’Rourke

                                                              3rd December 2015

A big thank you to 09/06 and their English teacher, Miss O’Rourke for all their hard work in creating a display of book reviews for Open Day in the library. Each pupil wrote about the book they enjoyed most this term and they will inspire our pupils to perhaps take the books out of the library.




 BBC School Report – Meet Our Team!

1st December 2015

I am pleased to announce our new team of BBC School Reporters. This is our first time taking part in the BBC School Report and we have chosen a group of talented and enthusiastic pupils to put St Paul’s and our local community on the map. Alongside Mrs Morgan, Librarian, Mr Mark Hughes, Moving Image Arts and Mr Kevin Moan, ICT, the team will report on events and news stories happening in St Paul’s and our local area of Newry and South Armagh.


Left to right: Cara Hoey, Eoin Sands, Agne Zebrauskaite, Fionntan Evans, Daragh Cunningham, Cameron Scholes, Chloe McKernan, Joshua Madigan and Estelle Kearney.

Missing from photo: Sean Cully and Fra Kinney

IMG_4291 2 Our first report highlighted the Ryan Cinnamond Blood Drive in St Paul’s back in November. The pupils interviewed Ryan, Mr Burns (Principal), Aaron Cinnamond (Head Boy and brother of Ryan) and took photographs on the day.

 Scholastic Book Fair  –

 Support your School Library

                                                                Mon 16th – Fri 20th November

The Annual School Book Fair took place in the Library from Mon 16th -Fri 20th November. The amount raised was £1,051.35. Thanks to all the pupils, parents and staff who made the event such a great success. The library received over £600 worth of new books for the stock – just in time for Open Day and Christmas!




Accelerated Reader at

Newbridge Integrated College

                                                                       17th November 2015

On Tuesday 17th November Mrs Mary McKenna, Literacy Assistant and Mrs Michelle Morgan, Librarian travelled to Newbridge Integrated College to see Accelerated Reader up and running in the school library. Mrs Jacqueline Ward, School Librarian has recently installed Accelerated Reader and is very pleased with the improvements her pupils are making as they progress through the reading levels




                            Book Amnesty Raffle

                                                                             6th Nov 2015

The Book Amnesty Raffle took place today and the five winners are;

Daniel Crozier, Jamie O ‘Boyle, Shane O’Hanlon, Conall Cromie and Jack Phillips



Congratulations to all and thank you for returning over 250 text and library books that were long overdue!


Halloween Poetry Competition 2015

                                                       Spooktastic Poetry Winners!






1st   Piaras Woods   08\29    2nd        David Trainor      08/62        3rd     Lorcan Savage    08/87


1st     Ciara O’Hare       08/62    2nd     Caitlin Coffey      08/62      3rd        Rhea Lundy         08/87

Highly Commended

Zara Vettiankel             08/87       Caitlin McCourt            08/53      Ava Pache                     08/94

Ellen Moley                  08/89        Anna Rice                      08/23      Emer McGinn               08/53

Charlotte Molloy          08/29

Learning Support Centre

08/48                                                                  10/47

1st      Drew Lavery                                             1st Bethany O’Hare

2nd    Matthew Byrne                                        2nd Caitlin McCartan

3rd      Harry Treanor                                           3rd James Killen


                                                              Thurs 24th September 2015

The Library played host to a meeting of local School Librarians regarding the new Library Management System, ECLIPSE. Attending this first meeting were Mrs Jacqui McArdle, St Patrick’s High School, Keady, Mrs Jacqueline Ward, Newbridge College, Mrs Margaret McArdle, St Joseph’s High School, Crossmaglen and Mrs Corrina Simms, Newtownhamilton High School.


Seachtain na Gaeilge

                                                                      Thurs 11th March 2015

Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish Language Week) is an international Irish language festival and one of the biggest celebrations of our native language and culture that takes place each year in Ireland and in many other countries. As part of the school celebrations, the library played host to an event organised by the Irish Department.
The festival runs from 1 – 17 March every year.The festival gives an opportunity to everyone to enjoy Irish, whether you are a fluent speaker, learner or have a cúpla focal, with a calendar of entertaining and fun events for every type of interest and every age group.Voluntary and community groups, local authorities, schools, libraries, and music, sports, arts and culture organisations organise events for Seachtain na Gaeilge in their local area.

World Book Day

Thurs 5th March 2015 

World Book Day took place in the library and the English Department today as we celebrated well known authors and our favourite books.


ECLIPSE – New Library System

                                                                                1st  March 2015

The Library has installed a new library management system called ECLIPSE. This is a web-based product that will enhance the way we carry out searches and record data for our pupils. The great thing is pupils and staff can access the ECLIPSE at home on tablets and phones as well as their MY SCHOOL accounts. So keep up to date with the new arrivals and find out the most popular books in the school library. Also you are able to reserve a book online and write reviews of books you have read.  Check it out today!

Open Day… What’s Wally Reading?

                                                                               17th January 2015

St Paul’s Open Day was a great success and the library released 10 Where’s Wally pupils to hide all around the school. Each Wally was reading a different books and the P7 Pupils had to find them all and record what book they were reading!. The names of all the pupils who got all right were put into a hat and the winner was Grant McVerry from St Laurence O’Toole PS, Belleek.

Mrs Morgan, Librarian with the Where's Wally Cast!

Mrs Morgan, Librarian with the Where’s Wally Cast!

Where'e Wally?

Where’s Wally?


What's Wally Reading!

What’s Wally Reading!

Off they go...P7 pupils had to find them all!

Off they go…P7 pupils had to find them all!


Mr Bump and the Cat in the Hat helping out in Library on Open Day

Mr Bump and the Cat in the Hat helping out in Library on Open Day

Who is that behing the tree?

Who is that behind the tree?

Mrs Mary McKenna from the Reading Room and Mrs Bronagh Nugent, Classroom Assistant helping out in the library

Mrs Mary McKenna from the Reading Room and Mrs Bronagh Nugent, Classroom Assistant helping out in the library



100 Words Short Story Competition

                                                                 November 2014

Mrs Campbell, Head of English recently ran a short story competiition and pupils in Years 8,9 and 10 were asked to write a story with only 100 word. This was quite a feat but the puipls rose to the challenge and produced some amazing work. The Library played host to the Award Ceremony.

Winners with their English teachers, Mrs Mone, Mrs McCormick, Miss O'Rourke and Head of English Mrs Campbell

Winners with their English teachers, Mrs Mone, Mrs McCormick, Miss O’Rourke and Head of English Mrs Campbell

All our 100 Word Story Winners!

All our 100 Word Story Winners!


Mrs Campbell announces the winners and gives out the prizes

Mrs Campbell announces the winners and gives out the prizes

Some of the wining stories displayed in library

Check out the Library Noticeboard

Halloween Costume Day...

Halloween Costume Day…

Kids Lit Quiz 2014

                                                                   14th November 2014

Year 9 pupils took part in the annual Kids Lit Quiz in Wellington College, Belfast. It was a great day out and they got to meet quiz master Wayne Mills who had travelled all the way from New Zealand.

image image


Scholastic Book Fair

                                                               28th November 2014

The annual Scholastic School Book Fair took place in the Library from Monday 10th until Friday 14th November. We made over £1150  and I would like to extend my thanks to all the students and staff who bought a book. The library will continue to provide the most up to date titles for students to borrow!

Pupils from 08/100 looking at the new books in library thanks to the Scholastic Book Fair.

Pupils from 08/100 looking at the new books in library thanks to the Scholastic Book Fair.

image image




Spooktastic Poetry Winners!

                                                                     22nd October 2014

Overall Winner   Oisin Mee 10/47

Girls                 1st Jessica Murphy 08/96, 2nd Niamh Kearney 08/06, 3rd Laura Higgins 08/51

Boys                 1st Odhran McAllister, 2nd Alex Aziz, 3rd Darragh Cunningham

Highly Commended

Siofra Kearney 08/98, Orlagh Loye 08/02, Martyna Olkowksa 08/06, Niamh Watters 08/96, Anton Suchockis 08/22, Jack Loughran 08/98, Tiernan Keenan 08/100

                                                                  Oisin Mee  10/47


                                School’s Ghouls! By Oisin Mee   10/47

St Paul’s Halloween night, everyone got a fright

Mr Murphy is playing some scary music

The Phantom of the Opera sings his scary lyrics

Ms Lynch is putting on a horror play

That made everyone in the audience runaway

Mr Rafferty was shouting and roaring in PE

That made all of us shout and scream

Vampires are allergic to garlic

So Miss O’Neill made some in Home Economics

Some monsters are in technology

Sawing, hammering, drilling and roaring

Mr Geoghegan was very cross

He told them that he was their boss

Witches in Science are going zing-zang zoom on their brooms

Mr Hollywood’s chemicals are going bing-bang boom

Like fireworks outside his room

Ghosts and skeletons come out of a grave

But Fr. Dermot was very brave

Some Zombies are in Art, Mr Mc Ardle knows they aren’t very smart

Spiders are crawling around in the library and their webs are in Mrs Morgan’s diary!

A man told me there is no such thing

And that man I’ve learned, is Mr Burns

1047 are back in our class, it was a bit of a blast

The only thing is…who’s at the door over there?

Ah..don’t worry…it’s just Mr O’Hare


                                                         Jessica Murphy 08/96  1st


Odhran McAllister 08/64

Odhran McAllister 08/64

Poems displayed in Libary!







Tiernan Keenan 08/100

Tiernan Keenan 08/100


Jacqueline Wilson’s

100th Book

The title of the latest Jacqueline Wilson book is “Opal Plumstead” and it is released on

Thursday 9th October.

It is set during the First World War and recounts the story of our heroine Opal Plumstead who is a suffragette and works in a sweet factory. She is a feisty girl who tries to make the best out of all situations. 09/72 with Mrs Campbell, Head of English, will be doing  a library project to celebrate this great milestone! Watch this space!




Poems By Heart!            

                                              Thurs 2nd October 2014

Poems by Heart was the order of the day in the school library after break. We were all transported to different places and relived many childhood memories as staff and pupils recited their favourite poems in a lively and entertaining session. Mrs Wilson’s “The Old Woman of the Road” was indeed a triumph and classes 08/02 and 10/47 listened intently to the budding poets! A short video will be put up on the school website shortly and a big thank you must go to our new ICT technician, Niall McCrea for his assistance in making this a wonderful event!






Check out the video of our poetry event on the main school news page

Today is also the launch of the

Year 8 Halloween Poetry Competition

Please give your SPOOKY POEM to Mrs Morgan before Friday 17th October.



        National Poetry Day             

Thurs 2nd Oct

The theme this year is REMEMBER.


Remember by Christina Rossetti
REMEMBER me when I am gone away,Gone far away into the silent land;When you can no more hold me by the hand,Nor I half turn to go, yet turning stay.Remember me when no more day by dayYou tell me of our future that you plann’d:Only remember me; you understandIt will be late to counsel then or pray.Yet if you should forget me for a whileAnd afterwards remember, do not grieve:For if the darkness and corruption leaveA vestige of the thoughts that once I had,Better by far you should forget and smileThan that you should remember and be sad.Remembering is our duty by Paul CooksonLet no-one take the memories we cherish Let no-one break the cycle of remembrance The trivial, the everyday These fragments that make up our lives Let no-one taint the memories we cherishLet’s celebrate the art of not forgetting Let’s celebrate the art of total recall The past that makes our present The present that’s our future Let’s celebrate the art of not forgetting



All Hail ….Dystopian Fiction

Recommended Read for September

Divergent  by Veronica Roth

divergent quote

In Beatrice Prior’s dystopian Chicago world, society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue—Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent). On an appointed day of every year, all sixteen-year-olds must select the faction to which they will devote the rest of their lives. For Beatrice, the decision is between staying with her family and being who she really is—she can’t have both. So she makes a choice that surprises everyone, including herself.

During the highly competitive initiation that follows, Beatrice renames herself Tris and struggles alongside her fellow initiates to live out the choice they have made. Together they must undergo extreme physical tests of endurance and intense psychological simulations, some with devastating consequences. As initiation transforms them all, Tris must determine who her friends really are—and where, exactly, a romance with a sometimes fascinating, sometimes exasperating boy fits into the life she’s chosen. But Tris also has a secret, one she’s kept hidden from everyone because she’s been warned it can mean death. And as she discovers unrest and growing conflict that threaten to unravel her seemingly perfect society, she also learns that her secret might help her save those she loves . . . or it might destroy her.

Debut author Veronica Roth bursts onto the YA scene with the first book in the Divergent series—dystopian thrillers filled with electrifying decisions, heartbreaking betrayals, stunning consequences, and unexpected romance.

Other Young Adult Novels on a Dystopian Theme:

Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant                                        Veronica Roth

The Giver                                                                                     Lois Lowry (in cinemas now!)

Maggot Moon                                                                              Sally Gardner

The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay               Suzanne Collins

Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince, Clockwork Princess      Cassandra Clare

The Moon Dwellers                                                                      David Estes

Delirium                                                                                         Lauren Oliver

The Maze Runner                                                                        James Dashner

Matched, Crossed                                                                      Ally Condiie

Legend                                                                                         Marie Lu

The Host                                                                                       Stephanie Meyer

Eve                                                                                                 Anna Carey


                            Roald Dahl Day!                          

Sat 13th Sept 2014

Year 8 pupils celebrated Roald Dahl’s birthday on Friday 12th Sept with competitions and classroom activities. It is also the 50th anniversary of his book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Here are some photos of the pupils who were in Library on Friday.

      Guess who?







Booked-up for summer !             

July 2014

Key Stage 3

2014 Summer Reading List

Written by Philip Reeve
The dark towers of Clovenstone are home to several bands of goblins who spend their time squabbling and fighting each other. But Skarper is different: he is inquisitive and clever and for that is ejected by King Knobbler and thrown off Blackspike Tower. He survives and joins forces with Henwyn, a boy looking for a princess to rescue, and a band of incompetent wizards on a strange yet exciting and dangerous adventure. Goblins has all the elements of a great adventure story. Skarper’s world is brought to life with plenty of imagination and ironic wit in the style of Monty Python. The language is beautifully descriptive; in Clovenstone’s towers ‘gargoyles lurk in their ivy like lice in beggars’ beards’. Entertaining, amusing and an utter delight.
Publisher: Marion Lloyd Books
Reading age: 8+
Interest level: 9+

The Case of the Good-Looking Corpse
Written by Caroline Lawrence
P.K. Pinkerton, intrepid 12-year-old Private Eye returns in the second book in this lively and original series from Caroline Lawrence, set in America’s Wild West. Picking up just hours after the first book left off, The Case of the Good-Looking Corpse finds P.K. embroiled in a new case to solve – the mysterious murder of Short Sally. Servant girl Martha begs for PK’s help to expose
her mistress’s killer, but then disappears herself, leaving P.K. to try and work out which of many possible suspects could be guilty. As usual, PK’s ‘Thorn’ – an inability to read people and difficulty in expressing emotions – complicates matters, but thankfully poker player Jace is on hand with some advice, and PK’s
new interest in collecting tobacco proves unexpectedly helpful.With plenty of Wild West slang and an engaging cast of colourful gunslingers, gamblers and
cowboys, Caroline Lawrence brings a mid-19th century frontier town vividly to life in this very funny page-turner. P.K. makes a compelling and unique hero and readers will delight in following all the entertaining twists and turns
of this fun adventure.
Publisher: Orion Children’s Books
Interest Level: 8+
Reading Age: 10+

Wild Boy
Written by Rob Lloyd Jones
Wild Boy leads a miserable life as a spectacle in a travelling freak show. Completely covered in hair, he’s used to being treated as a monster, excluded from society and abused by his cruel master. Taking refuge in watching the world around him, he develops a Sherlock Holmes-style talent for observation. But when he witnesses the murder of Professor Wollestonecraft, even his keen wits can’t help him when the folk of the fair decide that he must be the guilty party.  Soon, Wild Boy is on the run with circus acrobat Clarissa. Together, the pair must use their unusual talents to avoid the police, follow the clues, and discover the identity of the true killer – the sinister hooded man.  Set in 1840s London, this is a pacy and atmospheric historical romp. Rob Lloyd Jones does an impressive job of evoking a dark, sinister and seamy Victorian underworld. An exciting tale of murder and mystery, Wild Boy is also a powerful story about difference and accepting who you are.
Publisher: Walker Books
Interest age: 9+
Reading age: 9+

Moon Bear
Written by Gill Lewis
Twelve-year-old Tam lives in a forest village in Laos, but his family is relocated when developers move in, with plans to destroy the forest. In the city, he finds work at a bear farm, looking after caged wild bears, which are used to provide ingredients for folk medicines, but is quickly horrified by the way they are treated. When a sick cub arrives at the farm, Tam secretly nurses it back to health, and they develop an intense bond. Tam longs to return his beloved cub to the wild, but how can he find a way to let the bear go free?
Following Sky Hawk and White Dolpin, this compassionate tale of the relationship between a boy and a bear is the third novel from Gill Lewis exploring some of the unethical practises endangering animals around the world. This is a powerful, enlightening and deeply thought-provoking tale; yet Lewis’s approach never feels heavy-handed or overtly judgmental, but instead demonstrates that change is achieved by an understanding of the cultural motivations behind these practises, and through sensitive re-education.
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Reading age 9+
Interest Level 9+

Theodore Boone
Written by John Grisham
Half the man, twice the lawyer. In the small city of Strattenburg, there are many lawyers, and though he’s only 13-years-old, Theo Boone thinks he’s one of them.  Theo knows every judge, policeman, court clerk – and a lot about the law. He dreams of being a great trial lawyer, of a life in the courtroom. But Theo finds himself in court much sooner than he expected. Because he knows so much – maybe too much – he is suddenly dragged into the middle of a sensational murder trial.  A cold-blooded killer is about to go free, and only Theo knows the truth. The stakes are high, but Theo won’t stop until justice is served. Brimming with the intrigue and suspense that made John Grisham a number one international bestseller and the undisputed master of the legal thriller, Theodore Boone will keep readers guessing and pages turning.
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Reading age 9+
Interest Level 9+

The Dark Lord: The Teenage Years
Written by Jamie Thompson, illustrated by Freya Hartas
The Dark Lord falls to earth, crash-landing in a suburban car park, in the body of a teenage boy. His lieutenant, Dread Gargon, has disappeared, along with his powers of Domination and Destruction. Social Services can’t locate his home, the Iron Tower of Despair, so ‘Dirk’ finds himself placed with a foster family, and forced to go to school. Desperate to return home, he tries to open a Portal between Earth and the Darklands, but ends up accidentally setting fire to the cricket pavilion. And then the terrible White Beast of his nightmares appears… This hilariously bizarre and melodramatic tale was the winner of the 7–14 category of the 2012 Roald Dahl Funny Prize. With unexpected happenings on every page, it is a wonderfully absurd story that will entertain young readers in search of excitement, fun and plenty of laughs.
Publisher: Orchard Books
Interest age: 9+
Reading age: 10+

Small Change for Stuart
Written by Lissa Evans
When Stuart and his parents move to his father’s hometown of Beeton, he is intrigued to learn that there was a magician in the family – Great-Uncle Tony – who mysteriously disappeared nearly 50 years earlier. Following a series of clues left by his ancestor, Stuart attempts to uncover the mystery of his great-uncle’s disappearance and discover the whereabouts of the magician’s lost workshop. When he realises that devious Beeton resident Jeannie wants the workshop for herself, he enlists the help of his new neighbour, April, and together they embark on a magical mystery tour of the town. This humorous adventure is accompanied by atmospheric ink drawings, making this an attractive and compelling book for confident boy and girl readers.
Publisher: Doubleday
Reading Age: 10+
Interest level: 9+

The Poison Boy
Written by Fletcher Moss
Dalton Fly is a poison boy: his job is to taste the food and drink of Highlions’ rich and powerful citizens and identify any traces of poison that may have been planted by their enemies. It’s a dangerous job but luckily Dalton has developed a refined palate that allows him to identify traces of poison from even the faintest scent or flavour.  When a job goes badly wrong, Dalton is plunged into sudden danger. Joining forces with an unlikely ally, Scarlet Dropmore, a wealthy young girl from one of Highlions’ most powerful families, he embarks on an adventure which leads him to tangle with the city’s complex and unstable politics – and ultimately to discover some surprising information about his own past.   Readers will be gripped from the gruesome opening pages of this richly-imagined story from the winner of the Times/Chicken House Fiction Competition. Action and suspense are balanced by well-drawn characters and convincing relationships and the shadowy city of Highlions is an appealing fantasy setting.
Publisher: Chicken House
Interest age: 10+
Reading age: 10+

Written by Katherine Rundell
Found floating in a cello case in the middle of the sea on her first birthday by eccentric young scholar Charles, Sophie seems to be marked out for an unconventional existence. Growing up in Charles’s shabby home in England; she learns to love music and to read Shakespeare, but very little about being ladylike. On her 12th birthday, the disapproving authorities intervene, but before they can take her away to an orphanage, the discovery of a clue in her cello case leads Sophie and Charles to decide to run away to Paris in search of Sophie’s long-lost mother.  In Paris, Sophie discovers some unexpected allies on the rooftops: Matteo, a boy who walks tightropes, and his friends Anastasia and Safi, wild girls who live at the top of Paris’s tallest trees. Following an elusive cello melody across the rooftops of the city, with the help of her new friends, Sophie is determined to find her mother, before it is too late. There is a wistful, old-fashioned charm to this lyrical story. Beautifully-written and as carefully balanced as the tightrope Sophie learns to walk; Rooftoppers is a sensitive, emotionally-resonant novel, with an uplifting message about the power of hope.
Publisher: Faber and Faber
Interest age: 10+
Reading age: 10+

Liar & Spy
Written by Rebecca Stead
Georges (the‘s’ is silent) is having a difficult time. His father is short of work, his mother is never around, and his former best friend Jason has dumped him in favour of the popular kids, leaving him to be taunted by the school bullies. But things look up when Georges meets Safer, and is recruited to join his Spy Club to investigate the sinister Mr X. Georges is welcomed into Safer’s bohemian family life. Yet as Safer strives to teach Georges everything he knows about the art of espionage, the boundaries between games and reality, truth and fiction, soon begin to blur.  Award-winning author Rebecca Stead has written a thoughtful novel about friendship and family, set in Brooklyn. Sensitively-written, with a whimsical yet always convincing cast of characters, it deals with bullying and family instability without these issues to dominate the narrative. Intelligent, subtle and affecting, this novel will captivate readers at upper primary level and beyond.
Publisher: Andersen Press
Interest age: 10+
Reading age: 10+

Butterfly Summer
Written by Anne-Marie Conway
When Becky moves to the sleepy village of Oakbridge with her Mum, she can’t imagine how she will fill the long empty days of the summer holidays which lie before her. Then Becky discovers the beautiful Butterfly Garden, a tranquil nature-filled haven and befriends a girl called Rosa May who seems to virtually live there.  Rosa May’s friendship becomes increasingly important to Becky after she discovers an old photo of her mum cradling a baby she doesn’t recognise. Despite Rosa May’s unpredictable temper she offers Becky a release from her lonely home life, which seems increasingly shrouded in secrecy. However, soon Becky begins to question who Rosa May really is…  This gentle but gripping book is a tale of friendship and the paranormal and is perfect for fans of Cathy Cassidy and Karen McCombie.
Publisher: Usborne Publishing
Reading Age 10+
Interest Level 11+

The Child’s Elephant
Written by Rachel Campbell-Johnston
Bat lives with his grandmother in the central African savannah and rears cows. One day he finds a baby elephant, orphaned through poaching – and so begins a very special relationship. But it is Bat’s very expertise with elephants that suddenly catapults him into a new life when he is abducted to become a child soldier.  Rachel Campbell-Johnson lyrically conveys much about life in contemporary Africa: its beauty, its communities and many of the issues surrounding its poverty. Readers will need patience for the more relaxed pace of the first section, but the peaceful life it evokes creates a powerful contrast with what follows – and makes Bat’s determination to return home utterly compelling. This is an unforgettable, beautiful and moving novel about the powerful bond between an elephant and a child.
Publisher: David Fickling Books
Reading Age 11+
Interest Level 12+

Unhooking the Moon
Written by Gregory Hughes
Bob has a stubborn younger sister with disturbing fits and upsetting premonitions. She foretells her best friend’s murder, their dog’s disappearance and her father’s death. Bob calls her the Rat.   When their father dies, the children run away to New York in search of drug-dealing Uncle Jerome. Otherwise it’s the orphanage.  Sleeping rough in Central Park, they are befriended by a hustler, a cigar smuggler, a tramp and the celebrity rapper, Iceman. Caught by the cops, the Rat is taken to a children’s home. The dramatic rescue has devastating consequences for everyone.  This captivating adventure touches on family love, loyalty, grief, bravery, violence and psychiatric illness. Its bittersweet conclusion leaves tears in the eyes.
Publisher: Quercus
Reading Age 11+
Interest Level 12+

Maggot Moon
Written by Sally Gardner
In an alternate 1950s, Standish Treadwell is growing up in a Britain dominated by the dark, ruthlessly oppressive forces of The Motherland. Life is hard, but Standish struggles onwards – until his best friend Hector is taken away, and events take a dangerous turn. Gradually, Standish comes to realise that it is down to him and his grandfather, together with a small band of rebels, to make a stand, and in a desperate effort to protect the people he loves, he sets out on a heroic mission to expose the truth. Combining conspiracy theory and dystopia, this hugely original novel will resonate with readers of all ages. Brilliantly written and very readable, the story is told in the first person, in the distinctive and unusual voice of Standish, who although he is far from the standard ‘hero’ archetype, soon proves himself to be loyal, brave and idealistic.  A dark and often deeply chilling read this is also a story full of hope, which speaks compellingly about the value of trust, courage and freedom. This multi-award-winning novel is an unusual, deeply moving and thought-provoking story, which has clear potential to become a modern classic.
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Interest age: 13+
Reading age: 12+
lder readers will be ready
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
Written by Mark Haddon
Seen through the eyes of Christopher, a mathematical genius and Sherlock Holmes fan, who also has Asperger’s syndrome, this bestselling novel opens with the discovery of a murdered dog on the neighbour’s lawn.   In his search to discover the identity of the killer, Christopher uncovers some disturbing information about his own family, which throws his ordered world into chaos, and he embarks on a journey to London to find the mother he thought was dead.
This funny, touching and compelling novel was the winner of the inaugural Booktrust Teenage Prize. A must-read for adults and children alike, it is an adventure story unlike any other.
Publisher: Red Fox
Reading Age 13+
Interest Level 13+

Noble Conflict
Written by Malorie Blackman
Years after a war has wiped out most of the world, Kaspar has grown up in the peaceful, prosperous Alliance. Following in the footsteps of his parents, he decides to join the Guardians – an elite peacekeeping force charged with protecting the Alliance against brutal attacks from the Insurgency, violent rebels who want to overthrow society. Taking the moral high ground, the Guardians are trained not to harm their opponents, equipped with weapons that incapacitate but don’t kill, and Kaspar is proud to be one of them. But when he is involved in an action that sees his best friend killed, he finds himself questioning everything he has been taught.  This gripping dystopian thriller from Waterstone’s Children’s Laureate Malorie Blackman follows in the tradition of her groundbreaking Noughts and Crosses series. Exciting, action packed and suspenseful, it is also deeply thought-provoking, raising a whole host of challenging questions.  Containing violence and some strong language, it is best suited to older readers; however this smart, compelling novel is undoubtedly a must-read.
Publisher: Doubleday
Interest age: 14+
Reading age: 13+


Library Art Competition Winners         

May 2014

Theme: Superheroes


Victory Nwefo Year 9 – 1st Prize


 Matthew Boyle Year 9 – 3rd Prize RoboCop

8 (3)

8 (7)

8 (8)

_____________________________Patrick McGovern 1st________________________

Love is in the Air!  

 Feb 2014

Come to the library to see the wonderful work carried out by 09/091 on  Romeo and Juliet in the run up to Valentines Day. Miss Carroll was delighted with the high standard of the work produced and the display certainly brightens up the library!

09/091 with Miss Carroll with their project work

09/091 with Miss Carroll with their project work

A close-up of their work on Romeo and Juliet

A close-up of their work on Romeo and Juliet


          Library Open Day Roald Dahl Quiz

and the winner is

Dean Conlon

St Patrick’s Primary School, Cullyhanna

Congratulations Dean!


Calling All Year 8 and Year 9 Pupils

As World Book Day approaches, the library is running a Superhero Art Competition.

Send your entries to Mrs Morgan before 28th February.



 All Dressed up for Open Day in St Paul’s

Saturday 25th January 2014

Fictional Characters from Year 9!

Fictional Characters from Year 9!


Dara and Katie with a P7 Pupil in the Library

Dara and Katie with a P7 Pupil in the Library

Minecraft Creeper escorting the P7 Pupils to the library

Minecraft Creeper escorting the P7 Pupils to the library

Jazz Hands ..waiting for the P7 pupils and their families to arrive..our welcoming commitee!

Jazz Hands ..waiting for the P7 pupils and their families to arrive..our welcoming commitee!

Mrs McKenna, Mrs Ward and Mrs Roker

Mrs McKenna, Mrs Ward and Mrs Roker



Wed 4th December 2013

“The Value of the School Library”

A one day symposium with keynote speaker, Mr Geoff Dubber, will be held in the Canal Court from 9.15am until 5.45pm.

This event is aimed at school library staff, teachers, principals and those involved in Information Management. It has been organised by the Institute for Research in Social Sciences and the School of Education at the University of Ulster.



November 2013

well 3

On Thursday 14th November myself, our quiz team and Miss McClinton from the English Department travelled to Wellington College in Belfast for the Annual Kids Lit Quiz hosted by Wayne Mills. There were 28 teams from every county in Northern Ireland represented on the day. Killicomaine were the worthy winners by a considerable margin and go on to the UK finals next year.

We all enjoyed meeting Irish authors Niall De Burca and Derek Kielty and visiting the Scholastic Book Fair.

A great afternoon was had by all and we were proud to take the trophy for the Best School Mascot for the second year in a row! The mascot was based on the Carnegie Medal winning book, Maggot Moon.

We also entered the Best Fictional Character Competition with Bianca Hughes and Sarah McManus as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat.

Quiz Team Members: Sarah Kilgallon, Mairead Campbell, Fionntan Evans and Katie Burns.

Sarah Kilgallon, Wayne Mills, Katie Burns, Fionntan Evans and Mairead Campbell

Sarah Kilgallon, Wayne Mills, Katie Burns, Fionntan Evans and Mairead Campbell




Our award-wining mascot...Maggot Moon

Our award-wining mascot…Maggot Moon



A great turnout to support the School Library

Monday 11th – Friday 15th November


A BIG thank you goes to all the pupils, parents and staff at St Paul’s for a record breaking BOOK FAIR. The total raised was £1, 383 which means £800 worth of new fiction for the library shelves!!



Something Spooky in the Library!

Something Spooky is happening in the Library!

Winners of the Halloween Poetry Competition!

Congratulations to everyone and a big thank you for over 200 entries!

Winning poems are now displayed in the library!

Year 8 Boys 

1st Place goes to Luke Mallon from 08/28 for his poem "The Types of Fright"

1st Place goes to Luke Mallon from 08/28 for his poem “The Types of Fright”

2nd Place goes to Christopher Teefy from 08/14 for his poem "The Fright of Night"

2nd Place goes to Christopher Teefy from 08/14 for his poem “The Fright of The Night”

Caolan Murphy Highly Commended and James Babe in 3rd Place. Both boys from 08/74

Caolan Murphy Highly Commended and James Babe in 3rd Place. Both boys are from 08/74

Year 8 Girls 

1st Place: Blinne McAteer with her poem 61, Lucifer Street

1st Place: Blinne McAteer 08/28 with her poem 61, Lucifer Street

2nd Place goes to Shaughnessy Malloy. 0872.

2nd Place goes to Shaughnessy Malloy 0872 with her poem “The Sense of Halloween”

3rd prize goes to Orla Cromie 0814

3rd prize goes to Orla Cromie 0814

Highly Commended

Sarah Geoghegan 08/28 was Highly Commended for her poem entitled "My Fear"

Sarah Geoghegan 08/28 was Highly Commended for her poem entitled “My Fear”

Dylan McShane from 08/71 was also highly commended

Dylan McShane from 08/71 was also highly commended

Jamie Gaskin from 08/30 was highly commended for his poem "Halloween Night"

Jamie Gaskin from 08/30 was highly commended for his poem “Halloween Night”


Oisin Coffey and Johnny Boyle from 08/24

Oisin Coffey and Johnny Boyle from 08/24


Blaithnait Johnston        08/55

Aimee McCormack      08/97

Carol Cooke                08/42

Majella Ward               08/30

  LSC  Winners:

1st    Paddy McGrath

1st place goes to Paddy McGrath from the LSC

1st place goes to Paddy McGrath from the LSC

2nd prize goes to Colleen Moley and 3rd prize to Nicole McGuinness

2nd prize goes to Colleen Moley and 3rd prize to Nicole McGuinness

 Best Class Effort 

08 /30 and 08/14



Watch out! There's a Spider About!

Do spiders have fingerprints?  …


Dare to Enter the Library?

Dare to Enter the Library?


Guess who failed to make it out!

Guess who failed to make it out!

Friendly visitor?

Friendly visitor?



Calling all Year 8 Pupils

Library Halloween

 Poetry Competition  October 2013

Write a poem on a SPOOKY theme and decorate with pictures!

    It must be your own original work!!


Give your entry to Mrs Morgan, Librarian before

Friday 18th October 2013

Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd


“Taking part in St Paul’s”   Sept 2013

 There is so much to choose from!

Why not join a group or club in St Paul’s this term? There are lots of great activities and events to take part in over the school year. Check out the library page for events and competitions ! St Paul’s has a great tradition of offering each pupil the opportunity to get involved in dance, sport, music, drama and International Projects.




Happy Roald Dahl Day  

13 Sept 2013

Claire Ward 9/27, Meabh O'Brien 9/43 and Lisa Devlin 9/27 celebrate Roald Dahl Day in the Library.

Claire Ward 9/27, Meabh O’Brien 9/43 and Lisa Devlin 9/27 celebrate Roald Dahl Day in the Library.

Roald Dahl would have been 97 this year!

Roald Dahl would have been 97 this year!

The BFG and Sophie

Narrated against the backdrop of a ruthless regime determined to beat its enemies in the race to the moon, MAGGOT MOON is the astonishing new novel from award-winning author Sally Gardner. When his best friend Hector is suddenly taken away, Standish Treadwell realises that it is up to him, his grandfather and a small band of rebels to confront and defeat the ever-present oppressive forces of the Motherland. Utterly original and stunning, it is impossible not to be moved by MAGGOT MOON’s powerful story and the unforgettable heroism of Standish. 


The CILIP Carnegie Medal 2013 shortlist in full:

  • The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan, Bloomsbury
  • A Greyhound of a Girl by Roddy Doyle, Marion Lloyd Books
  • Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner, Hot Key Books
  • In Darkness by Nick Lake, Bloomsbury
  • Wonder by R.J. Palacio, Bodley Head
  • Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick, Indigo
  • A Boy and a Bear in a Boat by Dave Shelton, David Fickling Books
  • Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, Electric Monkey



Library Sporting Heroes

Art Competition Winners

April 2013

Year 8 pupil Aoibheann Murphy, winner of the Bookmark Competition with Ciaron O'Hanlon, her sporting hero and captain of the football team!

Year 8 pupil Aoibheann Murphy, winner of the Bookmark Competition with Ciaron O’Hanlon, her sporting hero and captain of the football team!

Year 8             Bookmark

1st                    Aoibheann Murphy       08/91               Ciaron O’Hanlon

2rd                    Dean Lennon                  08/27               Motorcross

3nd                  Wikoria Snopek               08/57               Dancing

HC                   Daniel O’Shea                   08/78                Basketball

HC                   Sean Toner                   08/27               Macrory Cup

HC                   Maeve McShane          08/27               St Paul’s Teams

HC                   Laura Kelly                  08/57               Ice Dancing

HC                   Conor McCaffery         08/70               Olympics

Year 9             Book Cover

Year 9 pupil, Orlaith McDonnell, winner of the Book Cover Competition

Year 9 pupil, Orlaith McDonnell, winner of the Book Cover Competition


Year 9 pupil Ciaran Smyth was placed 2nd in the bookcover competition with his winning deisgn

Year 9 pupil Ciaran Smyth was placed 2nd in the bookcover competition with his winning deisgn

1st                    Orlaith McDonnell        09/93               Steven McDonnell

2nd                    Ciaran Smyth                09/35               Thriller in Manila

3rd                    Aimee Brady                09/93               Lester Piggot Jockey

HC                   Shane Magill                 09/18               Namaja Vidic

HC                   Thomas Lindsay         09/18                 Roy Keane Man Utd

HC                   Dara McAteer              09/93               Cian O’Connor Showjumper

Year 10           Poster

Poster winner by Daniela Janikova, Year 10

Poster winner by Daniela Janikova, Year 10

Daniela Janikova

Daniela Janikova

1st                    Daniela Janikova           10/29               Usain Bolt Athletics

Nicole McGuinness      10/47               Ellie Simmonds


2nd                    Cathal Murphy          10/29               Ryan Cinnamond

Caolan Smith                10/47               Van Persie


3rd                    Tara Clarke                  10/29               Katie Taylor Boxing

Ciaran Gribben               10/47               BennyCoulterCounty Down


HC                   Conor Hughes              10/29               Boxing: Muhammad Ali

HC                   Kerrie Fegan                10/29               Stephen McDonnell Armagh


Nicole McGuinness , winner of the Year 10 Poster Competition with All Star Jamie Cosgrove

Nicole McGuinness , winner of the Year 10 Poster Competition with All Star Jamie Cosgrove

10/47 Winners Nicole McGuinness, Caloam Smith and Ciaran Gribben

10/47 Winners Nicole McGuinness, Caloam Smith and Ciaran Gribben


Wiktoria Snopek, Year 9, 3rd Prize

Wiktoria Snopek, Year 8, 3rd Prize in the Bookmark Competition

Aimee Brady, 3rd Prize in the Book Cover Competition

Aimee Brady, 3rd Prize in the Book Cover Competition

Sean Toner, Year 8, Highly Commended for his poster of St Paul's Sporting achievements in 2013 with Ciaron O'Hanlon.

Sean Toner, Year 8, Highly Commended for his poster of St Paul’s Sporting achievements in 2013 with Ciaron O’Hanlon.

Thomas Lindsay, Year 9 was given a Highly Commended award for his book cover.

Thomas Lindsay, Year 9 was given a Highly Commended award for his book cover.

Maeve McShane, Year 8 was Highly Commended for her bookmark.

Maeve McShane, Year 8 was Highly Commended for her bookmark.

Shane Magill was Highly Commended for his Book Cover Design

Shane Magill was Highly Commended for his Book Cover Design


Dean Lennon was placed 2nd

Dean Lennon was placed 2nd in the Year 8 Bookmark competition


Cathal Murphy received 2nd place in the Year 10 Poster competition

Cathal Murphy received 2nd place in the Year 10 Poster competition


World Book Day

Library Art Competition 

Draw your favourite Sporting Hero and design a new bookmark, book cover or poster encouraging pupils to READ!

ellie 2

Year 8 – Design a bookmark 

Year 9 – Design a book cover

Year 10 – Design a Library Poster

All entries should be given to Mrs Morgan before Friday 8th March

Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category



Winner of the Open Day

Roald Dahl Quiz


 and the winner is

Sydney Marie Treanor  – St Peter’s PS,  Cloughreagh



Wendy Drewett NI Book Award 2013

The eight nominated books for the Drewett Book Award

Christopher Edge,  Twelve Minutes to Midnight

Penelope Tredwell is the feisty thirteen-year-old orphan heiress of the bestselling magazine The Penny Dreadful. Her masterly tales of the macabre are gripping Victorian Britain, even if no one knows she’s the real author. One day a letter she receives from the governor of the notorious Bedlam madhouse plunges her into an adventure more terrifying than anything she ever imagined. A thriller with a fast-paced cinematic style, Twelve Minutes to Midnight is an electrifying story from an exciting new author.

Lissa Evans,        Small Change for Stuart

Stuart Horten – ten years old and small for his age – moves to the dreary town ofBeeton, far away from all his friends. And then he meets his new next-door neighbours, the unbearable Kingley triplets, and things get even worse.

But in Beeton begins the strangest adventure of Stuart’s life as he is swept up in quest to find his great-uncle’s lost workshop – a workshop stuffed with trickery and magic. There are clues to follow and puzzles to solve, but what starts as fun ends up as danger, and Stuart begins to realize that he can’t finish the task by himself…

R J Palacio,     Wonder

Wonder is the funny, sweet and incredibly moving story of Auggie Pullman. Born with a terrible facial abnormality, this shy, bright ten-year-old has been home-schooled by his parents for his whole life, in an attempt to protect him from the stares and cruelty of the outside world. Now, for the first time, Auggie is being sent to a real school – and he’s dreading it. The thing is, Auggie’s just an ordinary kid, with an extraordinary face. But can he convince his new classmates that he’s just like them, underneath it all?

Through the voices of Auggie, his big sister Via, and his new friends Jack and Summer, Wonder follows Auggie’s journey through his first year at Beecher Prep. Frank, powerful, warm and often heart-breaking, Wonder is a book you’ll read in one sitting, pass on to others, and remember long after the final page.

Simon Mayo,   Itch

Meet Itch – an accidental, accident-prone hero. Science is his weapon. Elements are his gadgets. This is a hero with Geek Power!

Itchingham Lofte – known as Itch – is fourteen, and loves science – especially chemistry. He’s also an element hunter: he’s decided to collect all the elements in the periodic table. Which has some interesting and rather destructive results in his bedroom..Then, Itch makes a discovery. A new element, never seen before. At first no one believes him – but soon, someone hears about the strange new rock and wants it for himself. And Itch is in serious danger…

Sally Nicholls,    All Fall Down

When Isabel’sYorkshire village is devastated by the Black Death, it seems that the world is ending in horror and fear. But for the survivors of the terrible plague, a new and freer society will rise from the destruction of the feudal system that enslaved the family. A powerful historical novel from one of today’s most exciting young writers.


Caroline Lawrence,  The Case of the Good Looking Corpse

P K Pinkerton is back in the second book of this whip-crackingly brilliant series set inAmerica’s Wild West.

The death of sadistic desperado Whittlin Walt has created an opening for ‘Chief of the Comstock Desperados’. Several young gunfighters are battling it out in the saloons and streets ofVirginia City, and against this backdrop of gunmen, gamblers and cowboys, P K Pinkerton, private eye, is having trouble drumming up business. Nobody seems to take a 12-year-old detective seriously!

Then a servant girl named Martha begs P K for help. She witnessed the murder of her mistress – a hurdy girl – and the killer knows it. Now he is after her. Martha gives P K a description of the killer and a cryptic clue, but then she disappears. Can P K solve the case and find Martha before the killer does?

Andrew Taylor,     The Adjusters

Welcome toNewton, the perfect town… Where kids get perfect grades… And everyone seems perfectly happy – all the time… Except newcomer Henry Ward isn’t buying it. With a pair of misfit friends, he’s determined to expose the dark secrets lurking behindNewton’s bright facade. But asking questions aboutNewtonand the corporation that owns it can be dangerous. The doctors in the sinister medical centre on the hill have a procedure called “adjustment” for kids who don’t fit in… And Henry and his friends have just gone to the top of the waiting list.

J D Sharpe,     Oliver Twisted

“Flesh,” the woe-begotten moaned at Oliver, baring teeth which were ragged and black. “Flesh” came another moan, and he turned to see two more behind. They began to shuffle towards him, barefoot. The world according to Oliver Twisted is simple. Vampyres feed on the defenceless, orphans are sacrificed to hungry gods and if a woe-begotten catches your scent it will hunt you forever. On the advice of a corpse, Oliver flees his ghastly orphan life to seek his destiny in the dark streets of oldLondonTown, despite the perils of the woe-begotten zombie-infested journey. There he meets the shadowy Dodger, the evil old soul-stealer Fagin, and the menacing Bill Sikes, who is more beast than man. But will Oliver Twisted be the world’s salvation, or its downfall?!



I’m a Library Book ….Get me out of HERE!!!

                                              Sept 2012                                                   

As the TV programme  “I’m a Celebrity” is now in full swing, I have displayed a selection of teenage fiction books alongside non-fiction titles with a jungle theme. Each book has been carefully chosen to compete in the race to find the book with the most votes. So get yourself into the library and rescue a book NOW!

“I’m a LIBRARY BOOK…Get me out of HERE!!!

This reading promotion is to encourage pupils to read books they might not pick themselves and to challenge their reading stamina. The books have been flying off the shelves as Year 8 pupils vote for their favourite. The winner of  “I’m a Library Book” will be announced on December 14th.



Kids Lit Quiz, Belfast

 Nov 2012

We had a great day out at the Kids Lit Quiz in Wellington College on Thursday 15th November. Our teams fought hard but in the end the winners were Methody College. We won the BEST MASCOT competition with Amy O’Hanlon’s  inspired Hunger Games idea….Katniss Everdeen.

The Kids Literature Quiz (KLQ) is an annual literature competition for children aged 10 to 13. It puts readers onto the centre stage and lets them compete for fantastic prizes. The quiz has heats in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, USA, China and Australia, with the winning teams qualifying for national and world finals. It is a major celebration of books and reading imported to the UK from New Zealand. It offers irresistible reading challenges, broadens awareness, is hugely motivating for boys and girls – and, best of all, is great fun.

Our Year 8 team…Katie Burns, Sarah Kilgallon, Fionntan Evans and Mairead Campbell with KLQ Quiz Master, Wayne Mills.

Our Year 9 team..Amy O’Hanlon, Aimee McAllister, Jay Murphy and Niall Campbell

Amy O’ Hanlon and her award winning design!

Both teams with Wayne Mills, Quiz Master, collecting their prize


Scholastic Book Fair was a great success!

It ran from Monday 12th November until Friday 16th November…

Thank You to all the pupils and staff who bought books and posters. We raised an impressive £748.00!

Book Fair Arrives in St Paul’s Library on Mon 12th November

Ryan Loughran and Ryan McSorley catching up with the latest fiction


Library Halloween

 Poetry Competition

October 2012 



Year 8 Boys

1st        Fionntan Evans 08/43

2nd        Patrick Conlon 08/57

3rd        Dylan McAteer 08/80


1st Prize Girls Chloe Quinn 0833

Year  8       Girls

1st        Chloe Quinn                 08/33

2nd        Katie Burns                  08/27

3rd        Kerri Boyle                  08/33

3rd        Sarah Trainor               08/91

Learning Support Centre

1st        Fergal Gregory     10/47

1st        Padraig McCartney      08/48

Highly Commended

Gareth O’Connor                      08/91

Maeve McShane                       08/27

Aoibheann Murphy                 08/91

Jordan Treanor                        08/78

Mairead Campbell                    08/91

Dionne McGivern                     08/49

Best Class Effort                   0857 and 0880


Star Readers 2012     Sept 2012

At the final Year 8 assembly the following Star Readers received a certificate and a book token in recognition of their commitment to reading in St Paul’s.

Year 8 Star Readers

Niall Campbell

Amy O’Hanlon

Amy McClatchey

Nathan McAlinden

Fergus Frizell

Siofra McGuinness

James Cameron

Mollie Cummins

Brooke Goodman

James Ferris

Morgan Thomas

Anna Blakely

Niall Wade-Doran

Conor Murphy

Dylan McNally

Samuel McShane

Cliodhna Meehan

Lee Turley 

Outstanding Reader of the Year

Joseph Heaney 10/96


Carnegie Medal Winner 2012

June 2012

The winner of this year’s Carnegie Medal is………….

“A Monster Calls” by Patrick Ness

The monster showed up just after midnight. As they do. But it isn’t the monster Conor’s been expecting. He’s been expecting the one from his nightmare, the one he’s had nearly every night since his mother started her treatments, the one with the darkness and the wind and the screaming… The monster in his back garden, though, this monster is something different. Something ancient, something wild. And it wants the most dangerous thing of all from Conor. It wants the truth. Costa Award winner Patrick Ness spins a tale from the final idea of much-loved Carnegie Medal winner Siobhan Dowd, whose premature death from cancer prevented her from writing it herself. Darkly mischievous and painfully funny, A Monster Calls is an extraordinarily moving novel of coming to terms with loss from two of our finest writers for young adults.



NI Drewett Book Award 2012

And the winner is………………………….

Gangsta Granny  by David Walliams


Library Easter Hamper Winners!

Class 08/38 with the pupil hamper

The Library Easter Hampers were won by Aislinn Millar 10/47, Mrs Bronagh Nugent, Classroom Assistant and Mrs Bronagh McArdle, Maths Department.

A cheque for £300 was donated to Clic Sargent (Children Living with Cancer) and a cheque for £300 was given to a special young teenager to help with her recovery.

I would like to thank all the pupils and staff of St Paul’s for their support with this raffle. We can all take hope that the money raised will make a small difference to children facing the trauma of living with cancer.


CILIP Carnegie Shortlist 2012

Announced 27th March 2012

David Almond
Hodder (9+)
ISBN: 9780340997253

Lissa Evans                           
Doubleday (8+)
ISBN: 9780385618007

Sonya Hartnett   
Walker (9+)
ISBN: 9781406331493

Ali Lewis   
Andersen (12+)
ISBN: 9781849392488

Andy Mulligan  
David Fickling (12+)
ISBN: 9780385619011

Patrick Ness
Walker (9+)
ISBN: 9781406311525

Annabel Pitcher
Orion (10+)
ISBN: 9781444001839

Ruta Septys
Puffin (12+)
ISBN: 9780141335889



World Book Day 2012

Thursday 1st March 

There are eight books that you can exchange your £1 book token for in any bookshop. They are:

Roald Dahl’s Fantabulous Facts

How To Train Your Dragon…The Day of the Dreader by C Cowell

Big Day Out by Jacqueline Wilson

Skulduggery Pleasant: The End of The World  by Derek Landy

and for your younger brothers and sisters…..

Where’s Wally Now!

Magic Molly

What the Ladybird Heard Song

Winnie Flies Again

Contact the Library for a look at the Scholastic Book Club Leaflet and use your voucher to get £1 of any book…..


Open Day Library Quiz!


The winners of the Library Quiz at the recent Open Day are;

Eryn Small                St Joseph’s PS, Bessbrook

Ryan Gallagher      Dromintee PS

James Tumilty       St Peter’s PS, Cloughrea

Oisin Coffey            St Malachy’s PS, Camlough

Congratulations to all our winners and prizes will be sent in the post to your school this week.


Book Fair Competition Winners Announced!


 Draw a character from the past (Horrible Histories Competition)

The winner is Niall McCrink  from 08/03  who wins a  £20 voucher to spend at the Book Fair. His winning entry was a drawing of a Spartan Warrior.

The following pupils were highly commended and will each receive a £5 voucher to spend at the Book Fair.  Chloe Murphy 09/92, James McLoughlin 08/045, Martin Hillen 10/97 and Reda Martinonyte 08/45.

Design a new chocolate (Cathy Cassidy Competition)

The winner is Orla Garvey from 08/18 who wins a £20 voucher to spend at the Book Fair. Her winning entry was a chocolate called Shock Choc!

The following pupils were highly commended and will each receive a £5 voucher to spend at the Book Fair. Chloe Doran 09/94, Aoife McCabe 10/97, Cliona Brown 08/34, Aoibheann Rafferty 08/18


N.I. Drewett Book Award 2012

The shortlist has been announced!

Paul Dowswell          Sektion 20

Charlie Fletcher      Far Rockaway

Eva Ibbotson           One Dog and His Boy

Barbara Mitchelhill       Run Rabbit Run

Chris Morphew         Arrival

Ali Sparkes               A Life and Death Job

David Walliams      Gansta Granny

Chris Westwood     Ministry of Pandemonium


Come to the Scholastic Book Fair!

Update………….Closing Date for Competitions is Mon 28th November!

The Scholastic Book Fair will arrives in library on Mon 28th November for one week. There will be lots of great books, posters and stationery available to buy. For every book bought buy a pupil, the library will receive a free book!

Scholastic will be running two competitions in conjunction with the Book Fair. The first is to design a chocolate, describe its filling and give it a name.  The second is to draw a character from the past …like the Horrible Histories characters. The winner of each competition will receive a £25 voucher to spend at the book fair. All entries will be sent on to Scholastic to be entered into the regional heats of the competitions and prizes include a Nintendo DS and visits from author Cathy Cassidy and illustrator of Horrible Histories, Martin Brown. So why not come along and get some early Christmas reading and support your school library.


Kids Lit Quiz 2011

Amy O’Hanlon, Meabh Morgan, Michael McKenna, Niall Campbell

Congratulations to the St Paul’s Quiz Team who came joint 5th out of 24 teams in the Kids Lit Quiz in Wellington College, Belfast on 10th November. The members of the team were Niall Campbell 08/38, Amy O’Hanlon 08/38, Meabh Morgan 09/65 and Michael McKenna 10/100. A great day out and a great result. We are looking forward to moving up the rankings next year! Good luck to the winners, Friends School, Lisburn who compete in the UK finals in Warwick next month.


Year 9 “Get Caught Reading” 

Library Photographic Competition

Year Head Mrs O McArdle presents Kieran Craven with his prize at Year 9 Assembly

I am pleased to announce the winner of the “Get Caught Reading” Photo Competition is Kieran Craven 09/92.

 The Winning Photo!

Kieran Craven reading “Montmorency” by Eleanor Updale


Year 8

Halloween Poetry Competition


1st  Oisin Larkin     08/35,    2nd Grainne Cromie 08/93,

Joint 3rd Morgan Egan 08/45,  Joint 3rd Alannah O’Grady 08/03

Highly Commended

Ciaran Gribben 08/048   Aoife Mullholland 08/25

Rose Duffy 08/38, Nathan McAlinden 08/25, Michaela O’Hanlon 08/35

Niall Campbell 08/38, Dillon Rice 08/93, Ellen Marron 08/35

 Class Prize goes to 08/025

Morgan Egan (3rd), Oisin Larkin (1st) and Grainne Cromie (2nd) Missing from picture Alannah O’Grady (Joint 3rd)

Highly Commended, Dillon Rice, Aoife Mullholland, Rose Duffy, Nathan McAlinden, Ellen Marron, Michaela O’Hanlon and Niall Campbell. Missing from picture Ciaran Gribben





Join thousands of children in schools and libraries for a spooky journey through the history of horror with author,

…….. Charlie Higson

On Monday 31st October 2pm – 2.45pm

Register now at


Calling all Year 8 Pupils

Library Halloween

 Poetry Competition 2011


 Write a poem on a SPOOKY theme and decorate with pictures!

                                    It must be your own original work!

Give your entry to Mrs Morgan, Librarian before Friday 21st October.

 Prizes for 1st,2nd and 3rd


Attention all Year 8 & 9 Pupils!

“Get Caught Reading”

Years 8 and Year 9 Photographic Competition

 Take a photograph of yourself  Reading in an unusual place

and hand it in to Mrs Morgan, Librarian

or email me at

 Closing Date for Photos is     ***Friday 21st Oct 2011***



Carnegie Medal Winner is…………..

Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness

The final installment  to the multiple award-winning trilogy, Chaos Walking. “War,” says the Mayor. “At last.”Three armies march on New Prentisstown, each one intent on destroying the others.Todd and Viola are caught in the middle, with no chance of escape.As the battles commence, how can they hope to stop the fighting? How can there ever be peace when they’re so hopelessly outnumbered? And if war makes monsters of men, what terrible choices await?But then a third voice breaks into the battle, one bent on revenge…The electrifying finale to the award-winning Chaos Walking trilogy, Monsters of Men is a heart-stopping novel about power, survival, and the devastating realities of war.            (excerpt from Other books in this trilogy are:   The Ask and the Answer                 Book 1 The Knife of Never Letting Go      Book 2

The Shortlisted Books

The Defying Pepper Roux by Geraldine McCaughrean Monsters of Men  by Patrick Ness White Crow by Marcus Sedgwick The Bride’s Farewell by Meg Roscoff Prisoner of the Inquistion by Theresa Breslin Out of the Shadows by Jason Wallace Against diverse settings that range from 15th century Spain, 19th century England and 19th century France, to Zimbabwe in the 1980s, 18thcentury England, and an imaginary planet, light years away from Earth, the six shortlisted books consider the qualities that unify us as human beings, despite the longest of odds and the fiercest of enmities. By showing how entrenched beliefs can be overturned and moral dilemmas resolved, they demonstrate the value of integrity, and generate a sense of hope through rich story-telling of outstanding quality.


The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman wins the Carnegie Medal for 2010!


Carnegie Medal Winner!


Mr Dominic Bradley, MLA donates

Hansards to the Michael Warde Library  

On Friday 4th June Mr Dominic Bradley MLA visited the Michael Warde Library in St Paul’s High School to present a set of linen-bound Hansard Volumes containing the proceedings of the NI Assembly to the former Principal Mr Michael Warde and the librarian, Mrs Michelle Morgan.Mr Oliver Mooney, Principal, thanked Mr Bradley who was both a pupil and a teacher at the school for this gift and said it would be a welcome addition to the current library stock.Also attending the event was Mrs Anne Mallon, Vice Principal and Mr Daithi Murray, Director of ICT.


Design A School Mascot Winner Announced!

The winner of the “Design a School Mascot” Competition is Siofra McNulty 08/006. Her winning design was “Paulie The Parrot”. Congratulations Siofra and we look forward to seeing your design come to life later in the year!   


Winner Siofra McNulty!”Paulie the Parrot”




Drewett NI Book Award  2010                 24/03/10

And the winner is…..

Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones

On Wednesday 24th March pupils from all over Northern Ireland travelled to the Odyssey in Belfast to the NI Book Awards, The Drewett Prize.  Four pupils from St Paul’s accompnied the Librarian, Mrs Morgan and to the ceremony. Twelve books were up for the award and pupils have been voting over the past few days for their favourite book. The most popular books in St Paul’s have been Auslander by Paul Dowsell, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and Skulduggery Pleasant-The Faceless Ones by Derek Landy.

 Pupils who will read all twelve nominated books for the NI Drewett Book Award 2010


World Book Day  5th March      10/3/2010

Pupils at St Paul’s had a really enjoyable World Book Day. They each received a £1 book token to spend on one of the specially commissioned books by popular authors.


School Open Day      30thJan 2/2/2010

The theme for the Library Open day Event was “Screen Reads”. Our poll of Primary 7 pupils resulted in a narrow win for Book over Movie! With the popularity of films such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Twilight a whole new generation of readers has been born. Our senior students dressed up as book heroes and heroines including Arwen from Lord of the Rings, Dick Turpin and the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz. Drewett NI Book Award 8/12/2009

Drewett 3

Pupils who will read all twelve nominated books for the NI Drewett Book Award 2010

Pupils who will read all twelve nominated books for the NI Drewett Book Award 2010


St Paul’s pupils and staff are taking part in the Drewett Book Awards this year. It is the first time that a teenage book award will  be voted for by the people of Northern Ireland. The shortlist of the 12 titles can be found at . Here are the pupils taking part in reading all 12 books and voting in the awards.


Kids Literature Quiz    9/11/2009

klq2009 2

Congratulations to our quiz team who performed well at the recent Kids Lit Quiz in Wellington College. Our team members were Anastasia Ni Riabhaigh 09/30, Aiobheann Miller 09/30, Doireann Hollywood 09/21 and Michael McKenna 08/100. The team won an indivual round and were able to schoose free books from the Book Fair and came second in the mascot competition with the Cat in the Hat.