Community Relations, Equality and Diversity Policy


The Community Relations, Equality and Diversity (CRED) policy underpins and complements the values and Catholic ethos of St Paul’s High school.

As our communities become more diverse our young people need to be equipped with the skills and attitudes to ensure a society where equality and diversity are valued and our relations within and between communities are strong.


In St Paul’s High School we aim to create young people of value for the future by educating them to appreciate the world around them and to develop respect for themselves and others.

Though providing a wealth of opportunities in both formal and non-formal educational settings, we promote equality and work to eliminate discrimination, by providing our young people with opportunities to build relationships with those of different backgrounds and traditions within the resources available.


– To ensure that all of our pupils, at each stage of their development have an understanding of and respect for the rights, equality and diversity of all without discrimination

– To educate our young people to live and participate in a changing world, so that they value and respect difference and engage positively with it, taking account of the ongoing intercommunity divisions arising from conflict and increasing diversity within our society.

– To equip our pupils with the skills, attitudes and behaviours needed to develop mutual understanding and recognition of, and respect for, difference.

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CRED Policy