‘Bin It!’ Road Show at St Paul’s


Recently, our Eco-group and class 10/78 took part on the ‘Bin It!’ roadshow. The big message from the road show was that we ruin some really beautiful places by being careless and littering.

We also found out that chewing gum is good for us as it freshens our breath and can help us keep our teeth clean, however in Northern Ireland and the UK we chew more gum than China and Russia combined. In fact so much so that it costs our local councils £21 million each year to remove all that chewing gum from the footpaths. That is an awful lot of litter, so it’s important to wrap up and put it in the bin!

Litter can effect everyone and everything. Paddy told us about the time it got stuck to his shoe, and it ruined his day. Litter is also harmful to the environment, especially if it is eaten by wildlife! That’s why we punish people for littering in Northern Ireland, if you are caught littering you could get a fine of up to £80.

The big thing about littering is that it’s just a bad habit, and most of the time we just do it because we are copying others. Therefore it’s up to us to make a change and just “bin it”.

Thank you to the ‘Bin It!’ roadshow for their help today! It was a great exciting presentation which give us loads to think about.

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Fantastic work being done by the Eco-group!

by John Campbell on 03/12/2014 at 10:44 pm #

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