‘Bug Hotel’ is officially open at St Paul’s


Pictured above is Principal of St Malachy’s Primary School, Mr Bernard Kennedy, officially cutting the ribbon to declare the ‘Bug Hotel’ open. 

Principal of St Malachy’s Primary School, Ballymoyer, was recently welcomed to St Paul’s by students from class 10/47. The students have been studying ecology in their science classes with their teacher Miss McNamee. As part of this aspect of their course, the students had visited St Malachy’s Primary School as part of their research into the construction of a ‘Bug Hotel’.

Mr Kennedy had provided them with lots of information and the Year 9 and Year 10 students went about designing and building their own ‘Bug Hotel’. The project was completed on the 24th May and over the summer holidays, the ‘bug hotel’ was left to grow and flourish in the ground of St Paul’s.

Since we have returned to school, the students have been busy tidying and making modification to their development to give it a real five-star finish. Mr Kennedy was treated to a class presentation which the students of 10/47 had prepared. Each student recalled their own experience and the contribution they had made to the construction of the project. Ella even mentioned about finding a worm, that officially because the first resident of the ‘Bug Hotel’.

Mr Kennedy was really impressed with the effort the students put in and was delighted that they invited him to officially declare their ecology project open. All of the students were presented with an Eco Committee badge as they continue to enhance the biodiversity of St Paul’s.


Pictured above are students that took part in this ecology project.

See below for pictures of the official opening of the ‘Bug Hotel’


Students receiving their Eco Committee badges for their great work throughout this ecology project.


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Great choice for the official opening, Bernard blazed a trail in this work, we could all learn from him.

by John Campbell on 22/10/2014 at 11:06 pm #

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