Cloideach selected for True Colours Art Exhibition

cloideach rafferty  2014 gcse

Year 13 student Cloideach Rafferty has had her GCSE Art and Design examination work selected for inclusion in this year’s True Colours Exhibition held at the Ulster Museum.

Needless to say that only the very best from across Northern Ireland is awarded this honour and accolade. Congratulations to Cloideach and her teacher Mrs McArdle.

We spoke to Cloideach and she had this to say about her achievement.

“I had chosen food as my theme for my exam work. I was interested in doing something different and demonstrating my perception of the subject using various media and original ideas. As my work progressed. I decided to narrow my theme down to just breakfast. I later came to the decision that I wanted to make some kind of head dress. After a lot of brainstorming, planning and looking at the work of others, I finally produced my design. An Ulster fry, placed on top of a plate and attached to a hair band. I made the food out of a range of different materials such as clay, card and even real toast varnished. Over all, I am very happy with the finished piece and am delighted that my work was accepted for the True Colours Exhibition to be displayed at the Ulster Museum.”

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