Cycle Against Suicide #itsoknottofeelokay!


On Monday 7 September, over 1600 pupils along with staff from St Paul’s took part in an event to break the world record for the most people planking in one location.

The event is part of Events Against Suicide, an initiative by the amazing Cycle Against Suicide Community during World Suicide Prevention Week. The aim of Events Against Suicide is to have unique, fun and interesting ways to spread awareness of their message ‘it’s ok not to feel okay’; and it is absolutely ok to ask for help.

Cycle Against Suicide was founded by Irish Entrepreneur, Jim Breen as a result of an appearance on RTE’s documentary, The Secret Millionaire. The programme inspired Jim to continue to use his skills and influences to help raise awareness of mental health in Ireland and signpost people in need, to the considerable supports available for suicide prevention in Ireland.

Cycle Against Suicide is one of the only mental health organisations working across the whole island of Ireland.

The Plankathon event was organised by Joanne Callan, a local Well Being Coach and Holistic Therapist who is herself a past pupil of St Paul’s. Speaking about her involvement with Cycle Against Suicide, Joanne said;

“earlier this year I had the pleasure of taking part in some of the events as part of the main cycle, the energy, passion, honesty and overall feel of being part of Cycle Against Suicide is something I will never forget. There are fantastic organisations and individuals doing great work across Ireland to support people with their mental health but very often people suffer a lot before they reach out and ask for help. As a society and as individuals we need to know and accept that just like our physical health it is ok to ask for help with our mental health and to know that early intervention is key as it helps to stop the problems from getting bigger. One of the main reasons that I became interested in the work that Cycle Against Suicide do was because their focus on working with schools and young people to promote a positive approach to mental and emotional health, making sure that across the island of Ireland young people get the message that ‘it’s ok not to feel okay; and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help’. I am a Relax Kids Coach and since I began my Relax Kids Ireland journey in 2012 I have seen at 1st hand the difference a positive approach to mental and emotional well being can make to the lives of children and young adults. St Paul’s will be full of energy, excitement and colour on the 7th September but we want past pupils to get involved and to show their support to the young people that are beginning their new school year. We want as many people as possible to spread the message into their communities, homes & work places that ‘it’s ok not to feel ok and; it’s absolutely ok to ask for help’.”

You can find out more about the work that Cycle Against Suicide do and the wide range of events that they organise throughout Ireland, by visiting their website or their Facebook page.


This picture was captured by Patrick Moan from his drone. View more of his photos by visiting his Facebook Page ‘Pak Aerial Media‘.

See below to view a highlights video from the event. 

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A great event for the entire school community to be involved in. Well done to everyone involved in raising awareness of the fact that mental health is so important.

by Paddy mc Avoy on 09/09/2015 at 9:11 pm #

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