Diversity Week at St Paul’s High School

To promote the awareness and appreciation of the different cultures with the local community, the students of St Paul’s High School put together a whole host of events to take place during the school’s annual Diversity Week.

Some of the key events of the week included a fashion show in which many of the students with a diverse cultural or ethnic background took part.   This event featured music, dance and costumes from around the world.

Quotes from teachers and pupils:

“Diversity week was a huge success within St Paul’s and I would definitely recommend other schools to incorporate such an event into their school calendar. It is an excellent and an enjoyable way of actively teaching about diversity and inclusion.”

“Diversity week was great; I now have a greater awareness of the different traditions and cultures within our school and the local community.”

“Brilliant! It has inspired me to travel when I leave school. I want to experience the traditions and cultures for myself. “

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