Students celebrate GCSE success


Principal of St Paul’s, Mr Oliver Mooney congratulates students who received their GCSE results.


Students from St Paul’s celebrating their outstanding results.

Pupils at St Paul’s High School are celebrating outstanding GCSE success after the exam results were announced recently.

Principal of St Paul’s High School, Mr Oliver Mooney said: “These are a marvellous set of results for our students and reflect their hard work and that of the staff. I congratulate them all and look forward to seeing them go on to further success at post-16 level.”

“We are extremely pleased to have achieved such outstanding results, as this can only mean that more students than ever from the school can go on to advance their studies on courses of their choice.”

“Our students have once again outperformed the previous cohort and deserve praise and congratulations for their hard work and efforts.”

“2013 has been an exceptionally successful year for St Paul’s in the classroom, the playing field and beyond, and it is worth noting that the vast majority of these students have spent the last five years in a non academically selective, co-educational environment and have shown beyond doubt that there is no need to academically select children at age 11 to ensure their success in public examinations.”

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