Internet Safety Workshop for Year 9


Year 9 pupils recently took part in an Internet Safety Workshop in school as a follow up to Safer Internet Day held earlier in the year.

Pupils were given the opportunity to increase their awareness of online issues they may face that may endanger their lives.

REIM Training Solutions, a local based company, focused on the need for pupils to be aware of online predators, the dangers of sexting, exposure to pornography and cyberbullying.

Pupils were activity involved throughout the workshop and felt that the advice and knowledge they received will greatly improve their awareness of Internet Safety both now and in the future.

One comment

i am now aware of what is lurking on the internet. since i went to the internet saftey workshop i am more carful when i am on the internet and most of the things that you told me i didnt even now

by jamie fulton on 07/05/2014 at 3:47 pm #

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