Jollies Pet Store visit Year 12 Science class

To complete the final section of the Habitats topic in Science class 12/47, Jollies Pet Store kindly paid them a visit during a Science lesson.

The pupils have been learning about living things and their environment. They have studied how living things adapt to their environment, and how they can live together.

The pupils were very excited to see the different animals that Jollies brought to the school and also what type of food they eat and how to look after them.

They learnt about rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and lots of other animals, and how to only feed them carrots and lettuce as a treat. Their favourite part was getting to hold and pet the baby rabbits and guinea pigs.

Many thanks to Jollies Pet Store for taking the time to bring the animals to St Paul’s.

See below for some photos from the visit.

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