NI Anti Bullying Forum Visits St Paul’s


In preparation for Anti Bullying Week, Anti Bullying Co-Ordinator, Lee Kane, returned to St Paul’s to deliver workshops to all Year 8 students.

Lee visited the school earlier this term to train Year 8 mentors and prepare them to help Year 8 students make the transition to St Paul’s. On this visit, each Year 8 class attended a workshop whereby they discussed what bullying was, the reasons for it and the possible consequences. All students engaged greatly and our Anti Bullying Mentor, Anita Denison, helped deliver aspects of each workshop.

Head of Pastoral Care, Christine Fearon, explained that anti bullying is always a key priority within St Paul’s and these workshops are geared to empower students and deter them from this type of behaviour. She gave particular praise to Anita Denison, who is a ‘leading light’ in her approach to this important issue in society.

A Parental Awareness Workshop was also held Thursday evening in St Paul’s where parents/guardians received important information on the school’s Anti Bullying Policy and helped review it. The Student Leadership Team, during Anti Bullying Week, will take assemblies with all year groups and peer educate on this topical issue.


It was fantastic to have Lee back in our school, helping us to effectively promote Anti-Bullying in St.Paul’s. Fantastic way to build confidence amongst students in order to help one another through what is a very difficult situation!

by Anita Dennison on 07/11/2014 at 7:11 pm #

The best way to get the message across, pupils will listen to their own!

by John Campbell on 07/11/2014 at 10:05 pm #

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