Outstanding A Level Results at St Paul’s

Principal of St Paul’s High School, Mr Oliver Mooney, and Head of Year 14, Ms Christine Fearon congratulate students who received their A Level results.


Thursday was another day of celebration for the “A” Level class of 2010/2011 in St Paul’s High School, Bessbrook. For yet another year the students’ “A” Level results have exceeded the previous year. This has happened every year for the past decade. 

Principal, Mr Oliver Mooney said, “It is down to hard work and commitment from the students and the huge effort put in by the entire staff, both teaching and non teaching. Credit also lies with the parents who support and encourage these young people through what can be a challenging time in their lives. Everything in St Paul’s is geared towards maximising opportunities for the students and they always respond magnificently to these opportunities. These examination results will set up the students for entry to their chosen courses and should assist them in future career choices.” He continued, “The entire staff are delighted and encouraged by these wonderful results and they will act as a spur to students and staff alike to continue the upward trend for the year ahead.” 

While the results included many instances of truly outstanding individual performances, it was evident that all the “A” Level students were excited and thrilled by the prospect of heading off to Colleges and Universities to follow their new courses. Mr Mooney added, “It has never been more important for young people to stay in education and to equip themselves with as many useful qualifications and skills as possible so that they are ready for the economic upswing that will inevitably follow the present period of recession. It is wrong that they are being discouraged by rising student fees that will put many into substantial debt at the start of their working lives. Government and society should be investing in these young people. There always appears to be money available for war and military budgets, yet education has to beg for every penny. These young people are all our futures.”

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I am delighted to see this school going from strength to strength.
My daughter Rebecca has just completed year 8.
As an educationalist myself for over twenty years i can say i am extremely impressed with this school,it’s excellent teachers and management.

by Leontia Munroe on 18/08/2011 at 3:29 pm #

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