St Paul’s students say ‘No’ to Cyber Bullying


As part of Anti-Bullying week, which ran from 18-22 November, the Senior Prefect Team at St Paul’s launched their Anti-Cyber bullying campaign.

The Senior Prefects chose to focus on cyber bullying in particular because they felt it is a type of bullying that affects many young people today.

They discovered in their research that there has been 2,100 cases of cyber bullying reported in Northern Ireland in 2012.

The team took assemblies during anti-bullying week to ensure that every child in the school was aware of the affects and consequences that cyber bullying will have on an individual.

They believe this raised awareness within the school will reduce instances of cyber bullying. During each assembly, the Year 14 students delivered a presentation which included the key facts, effects and examples of cyber bullying.

They emphasised the fact that if anyone within the school is getting bullied online they need to speak up as there is lots of support available for them.

The students were told about instances when other young people around their age took their own lives because they couldn’t cope with the bullying anymore.

After passing the message on to all the students within the school the Senior Prefect Team are very confident that they were successful in passing on the message, ‘Don’t be a Cyber Bully, Be Cyber Smart!’

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