Technology collaboration helps Health & Social Care students


Pictured Above: Head of Technology & Design, Mr Sean O’Neill, students Shannon Rice & Shannon Sexton along with Mrs Orla Coulter, Health & Social Care teacher  


Recently Health and Social Care students Shannon Rice and Shannon Sexton demonstrated the value of shared work and a collaborative departmental approach to completing assignments.

Tasked with the shared responsibility of completing a practical based Health and Social Care activity within the confines of an academic classroom, the two dedicated individuals went to the Technology and Design Department where they used their designing and manufacturing skills to create an exceptional A-Level assignment. Shannon Rice is currently studying A Level Technology & Design whilst Shannon Sexton took it to GCSE Level.

The module Child Development requires students to plan, design and create a functional toy which can be purposefully used on a child of a relevant age to stimulate development.

To meet the academic needs of these students, Health and Social Care department teamed up with Technology, integrating departments and ultimately reinforcing the competence and confidence of the students to complete their projects.

Subject collaboration in this instance has produced significant benefits for the students in question as well as for the teachers and future collaborative tasks.  The accomplishments of these two particular individuals must be recognized and celebrated on the production of a wonderful piece.



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