Well done Pupils of the Month in Art & Design

Year 8 – Aoife Tierney


My name is Aoife Tierney.  I was selected as student of the month by my art teacher Mrs McArdle. The theme we are studying is self-portraits. I have done mine using shading pencils. For the parts that showed colour, I decided that if it was a light colour I would shade it in very lightly and if it was dark I would go heavy with the shading. I was pleased with this piece of work and look forward to continuing this theme.

Year 9 – Rachael McQuaid


My name is Rachael McQuaid and I was selected for the pupil of the mouth by my teacher Mr McArdle. I did two candle holder designs based on stained glass windows with religious symbols. I then took elements from both and created my final design. I worked very hard on this candle design and it took about three weeks to complete. To make my candle holder I wrapped fabric with my colourful design on it around a glass jar, I think it was very successful. I am really proud that I got pupil of the mouth.

Year 10 – Mairéad Campbell


My name is Mairéad Campbell and I am in Year 10. I have been selected for the November student of the month by my Art teacher Mrs O’Hare. For this assessment I had to focusing on figure drawing. I used a 2B pencil and made light strokes with my pencil to create the same tonal effect the original artist used. I am very happy with the way my piece turned out.

Year 11 – Lorna Hillen


My name is Lorna Hillen and I have been selected for November pupil of the month by my art teacher Ms O’Reilly. The theme I am working on is ‘Butterflies’. I have chosen this theme as I like the vibrant colours and the patterns in the wings of the butterfly. I used different media for each of my drawings such as oil pastels, paints and colouring pencils. It is early in the year yet and I have a lot to do, however I am enjoying doing art.

Year 12 – Lee McVerry


My name is Lee McVerry and I have been chosen by my teacher Mr McArdle to be the Year 12 November pupil of the month. The theme for my Art GCSE coursework project is football. For the most recent piece I completed I have used multiple different medias such as oil pastel, pencil and paints. I am currently planning out my final piece which I hope to develop into large ‘movement’ images, each of which contains a different style and possibly different media. I enjoy doing this theme as it enables me to try out and experiment with different techniques and various artists styles which can help me come up with something unique.

Year 13 – Emy Mannarino


My name is Emy Mannarino, I’m a Year 13 pupil. I have been nominated By Mrs O’Hare for student of the month. My theme is based on hands. The work shown above is based on different types of hands in this case webbed fingers. I used water colour paint to do this piece, I also intend to use a variety of different media such as oil pastels, colouring pencils and shading pencils. I plan to develop my theme into bird’s feet as I am going to focus on webbed duck feet and claws.

Year 14 – Caoilfhoinn MacEoin-Manus


My name is Caoilfhionn MacEoin-Manus and I am a Year 14 student. I have been picked as November student of the month by Ms. O’Reilly. My theme is based on angles and emotions of the face. I love seeing the different colours and tones in the face and I enjoy experimenting with a variety of media’s and textures. The piece above is my sister who I use frequently throughout my work and in this piece I have used a low angle of her face with shaded pencils. I plan to develop my theme further using different prints and patterns in the face and also by using a wider range of mediums.

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Some fantastic work here,keep it up!

by John Campbell on 16/12/2014 at 5:59 pm #

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