Year 8 students explore the meaning of ‘Identity’

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As part of their Learning for Life & Work course, first year students in classes 08/91 and 08/27 explored the meaning of ‘identity’.

Identity is part of a person’s expression of their individuality; it is made up of many factors such as:

Cultural background
Likes and dislikes
Hobbies and interests
Hopes and dreams
Our Past

As part of their controlled assessment they had to design either a poster or create a visual display entitled ‘This is me’. Within this the students had to present their individual identity by incorporating all the factors that influence identity. Watch our video blog to see some of the fabulously creative & vibrant posters and displays created by both classes.

Mrs Hughes said, “It was a pleasure to watch these assessments flourish from the early stages of planning through to the actual finished project.”

Well done to all the students involved.

See below to view the video:

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Brilliant video!!well done to everyone.

by Mary mc Mahon on 11/04/2013 at 9:10 pm #

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