Year 8 students participate in Anti Bullying Workshops


Lee Kane (NI Anti Bullying Forum) is pictured with four Year 8 students who enjoyed his Anti-Bullying workshop. 

On Tuesday 20th October, Year 8 classes participated in anti bullying workshops. These were delivered by Lee Kane from the NI Anti Bullying Forum, with a focus on getting pupils to understand what constitutes bullying and how it can make others feel.

These workshops were are a continuation of talks the Year 8 pupils accessed during their Transition Day in June, from St Paul’s Anti-Bullying Ambassador, Anita Dennison.

The NIABF workshops are an excellent way to prepare pupils for our November Pastoral Theme of anti bullying. During November, the Student Leadership Team co-ordinate a school based Anti Bullying Week, taking assemblies, doing noticeboards and running an anti-bullying competition for junior and senior pupils. This year’s anti bullying theme is ‘what bullying means to me.’

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